American Idol Final 7

My prediction that scott would outlast Anwar came true this week as Anwar got sent home. Its been a while since I thought anything Anwar did was very good, however this week certainly wasn't bad. He didn't pick something cheesy. He didn't sing a song whose only real substance was the last note. Anwar actually did pretty good this week singing a song about remembering September. Nevertheless I was glad that he was finally gone. The group is slowly getting wittled down to its strongest performers, and that makes for great no-cringe television. Now if we could just get rid of Anthony Federov.

Anthony sang "Dont take away my music" -I'm guessing on the name. 70's dance songs was the theme. There are so many great songs from that period I have to wonder where he drug this one up from. He actually sang in tune for the most part this week and it wasn't a bad performance (except his dancing still looks awkward and forced). It was just a rather uninteresting song.

Constantine sang "Nights on Broadway." He sounded good once again, and picked an awesome song. However he looked horrible. He tried to dress to the theme which included a white sports coat on top of a black dress shirt, unbuttoned just enough to reveal some cheesy jewelry underneath. Add to that that he was mysteriously wearing way too much eyeliner, and the result was that he really did look like an old drunk guy singing karoke. Actually he sounded much better on previous weeks which suggests to me that his song choice was probably a bad one for his vocal range. Given that the original song is sung in falsetto it was probably hard to judge.

Carrie Underwood sang "Macarthur Park." She also sounded pretty good as usual. The song however left you thinking "What exactly is she singing about." Also Simon described her as looking like "Barbie meets the Stepford Wives." It was a perfect description. However Carrie certainly didn't look unattractive, so who's to say that its not a perfectly good "look" to have.

Scott sang "Everlasting Love." Its a great song, Scott just cannot quite pull off a song with that much passion and emotion involved. It made me wish Vonzell or Constantine had picked that song instead. However he tried, and he didn't sing it bad. The line "You'll never be denied, everlasting love," just isn't convincing from a guy who looks like he'd rather go get a beer than be up there singing in front of everyone. I doubt that thats actually the case. Scott just often looks like his mind is somewhere else.

Vonzell gave us another stellar performance with "I'm every woman." Given how great she sings pop music I'd hate to see them (studio 19) shove Vonzell into a little R & B box, should she get an album -and I suspect she will.

Bo sang the coolest song of the night with "Vehicle." I don't think I would call his performance better than Vonzell's. However that was an awesome song choice, and Bo has an awesome voice. I think Bo probably has the best voice in the competition, how else could a goofy rocker have made it this far. Bo still is a little goofy, and he doesn't quite engage us like Vonzell and Constantine can, but he has the coolest voice, and when he's great he really blows us away.

So here is worst to best from this week:

Anthony Federov
Scott Savol
Constantine Maroulis
Anwar Robinson
Carrie Underwood
Bo Bice
Vonzell Solomon

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I was also relieved to see

I was also relieved to see Anwar go - now they just have to lose Constantine and I will be 100% satisfied with the slate of contestants. My wife pointed something out to me the other night: despite his distinctive stage persona, Constantine really has no artistic identity yet. Carrie is a country-pop singer (cf Shania Twain), Vonzell is a pop diva type (cf Tina Turner), Anthony is a European-y adult-contemporary crooner (Limahl?), Scott is a curiously lifeless soul singer (Al Green on Valium?), and Bo is a Southern rock guy, but Constantine? He started out in theater, then joined a sleazy nu-metal band, and now he's in a mainstream pop singing contest. Seems like the only common thread with him is a desire to get famous doing whatever...

Ur a bit late in posting ur

Ur a bit late in posting ur articles. My comment is regarding the final 6 performance. I just wanna say, everybody was great, judging from the fact they made it this far. But Constantine's performance sucked big time. But sadly enough, chances are that america is gonna discard scott from this competition, though his performance was far better than constantine's (Though the song choice was BAD!). My point is, based on every week's performance, Constantine should be packing his bags not Scott, the way Simon said.It really truly saddens me. Please America, give Scott one more chance.:sad: