Friday Night in Atlanta

Lately I've been carrying a digital camera with me to capture parts of Atlanta's beautiful spring and skyline, as well as anything else that seems interesting. So far I've come up with quite a bit of interesting material, some of which I hope to share from this outlet. I hope you enjoy what I hope will be the first of several forays into photoblogging.

Friday night some buddies and I were looking for something to do and decided to go to some festival that was then being celebrated in Centennial Olympic Park. We had to park pretty far away so as not to have to pay and as we walked through the middle of the city we decided to go on top of a building where one of our motley gang present and other members of our group absent used to reside. The doorman has been there for a while, has a good memory for faces, and let us in even as we were getting the entry code wrong. We then spent a few minutes trying to guess the new combination of the lock on the door to the roof and finally got through.

Here is what the city looks like from the window just before the top of the staircase:

city from window

The closest building is Atlanta's own Flatiron Building, which is actually five years older than the much more famous Flatiron Building in Manhattan.

We got outside just in time to observe the transition from day to night (the sun was obscured by buildings but it was still light outside when we first got up there). There are chairs and a table and a patio area set up (with fence) on the roof, but we climbed over the fence to lie on the ledge overlooking the street:

street from roof

The larger road is Peachtree Street, Atlanta's main drag. The smaller road is one of the many small one-way streets downtown, whose name escapes me. The building overlooks Woodruff Park, where you can almost always find several groups of people playing chess. [In the top left part of the picture you can see a man wearing a green jacket and a white hat. He was the northwestern-most member of the northwestern-most group.] We just lay there and watched traffic go by and admired the city.

The building has a tower on top with the name of the building running vertically in large neon letters. Of course, camera or no, I had to climb it, so I left the crew on the ledge and made the exhilirating ascent. From the top of the tower came this view (slightly blurred because I had to take it without the flash, so it had to take in light for several unsteady seconds):

city from tower

It was now fairly dark, but it never gets entirely dark because of all the city lights, so I could see pretty far from up there. Atlanta's high-rise buildings largely follow Peachtree Street, which runs north-south, so looking east and west you can usually see to the horizon, and looking north and south you can follow the trail of lights. However, I didn't have to look very far to get the shot I'd most want to remember:

gang from tower

It's great to be young and alive in the city.

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I really DON'T miss Atlanta,

I really DON'T miss Atlanta, but one of my few really good memories of the place was of doing just what you did--standing on office buildings in the evening, taking pictures.

I really miss Atlanta.

I really miss Atlanta. There's just something about the city itself that you can't seem to find anywhere else. Hmmmm... maybe its just my nostalgia... nice pics.

Very cool. I miss that

Very cool. I miss that skyline at night more than anything else about the ATL.

I hope this becomes a series.

I guess it all goes back to

I guess it all goes back to rugged individualism. That or drinking too much.

So far from New York City,

So far from New York City, yet so much the same. Its good to see that people in all cities feel the instinctive need to climb up watertowers. I suppose people in the country climb mountains. I wonder if people in farm towns have to settle for climbing trees.

Woah. So some part of

Woah. So some part of Catallarchy is here in Atlanta. Cool. I know most of the Santa Clara bunch but was unaware that I shared a city with others....

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