Seasteading talk Monday at CU Boulder.

If any of y'all live near Boulder, CO, I'm giving a talk there about seasteading on Monday:

Mission Possible: Creating New Countries in Ocean Waters
by Patri Friedman

Imagine building floating cities in the ocean! It sounds like a wild idea, but with every passing year, technology makes it more feasible. Within our lifetimes, we will likely see the reality of mankind colonizing the ocean! This lecture will include a practical approach to building floating cities as well as some of the financial and political considerations. The approach is interdisciplinary and will include various aspects of the endeavor including engineering, structural design, business models, and funding.

Monday, April 18th, 2005, 7:00-9:00 pm
Colorado University - Boulder, MCDB A2B70, (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Room A2B70)

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May I suggest Libertopia as

May I suggest Libertopia as a candidate for a seastead paradise?

You know, Patri, were I a

You know, Patri, were I a few hundred miles closer, you couldn't keep me away.

Stephan - copies of my past

Stephan - copies of my past 3 talks are on the seastead site here. 2 include audio, 2 include powerpoint slides, I think all include outlines and/or text.

Podraza - is a completely

Podraza - is a completely anarchic, or wacky libertarian seastead politically possible? Maybe, maybe not. But some increase in liberty is definitely possible. My general answer to this question is here (in the seastead FAQ):

We are not seeking a perfect libertarian paradise where we can do whatever we want without any interference. We are simply looking for a significant improvement. Look at current states and consider the union of available freedoms. For example, there are countries in Europe (Switzerland, The Netherlands) with fairly lax drug laws and enforcement (social freedom). There are tax havens (Luxembourg, Bahamas) with very low tax rates (economic freedom). Unfortunately, the drug-tolerant countries tend to be left-wing and have high taxes, while tax havens are more right-wing, socially conservative, and generally restricted to tiny countries. As libertarians, we feel that the combination of these two types of freedoms is worth striving for, even if both are restricted to the levels currently being tolerated by the powers-that-be. Such a state would be more libertarian than any currently in existence, without pushing the legal envelope.

Countries really do have a great deal of leeway in their internal affairs. A libertarian seastead nation should easily be able to have no zoning laws or building codes, low or no taxes, no import/export tariffs, few restrictions on weapons, local consumption of marijuana, no minimum wage, no legislated work week, no coerced welfare system, no eminent domain and many other items from the laundy list of libertarian demands. Its true there may be some limitations. For example, true bank secrecy, weapons research, and generally-illegal drugs produced for export may be out of reach. So what? Libertopia is not an option

Hey Patri, since I dont live

Hey Patri, since I dont live anywhere even buttfuck close to colorado, could I possibly get a pdf, powerpoint, or word copy of your presentation?
Im interested. Oh, and a bibliography of resources would be wonderful. here's my email

I admit I've read only very

I admit I've read only very little of the literature on seasteading. Do you discuss or consider what the response would be by the established powers (UN). Don't you think they would do whatever they could to squash this idea before it ever got off the ground? Even if it is technologically possible, is it politically possible?

Quick question: will your

Quick question: will your proposal address the need for a capable Navy/"Coast" Guard? What's to protect the seasteads from nation states and other assorted pirates?

John - Not mentioned much in

John - Not mentioned much in the talk, but mentioned in the book. See Piracy here and Defense here.

Today's slashdot has an article on geeks seasteading off california.