TSA Mockery

I'm a little bit late with it, but I thought I'd share a humorous link with our readers from Jason Kirk at Spaceman's Abode commenting on my recent TSA post.

On the return leg of our trip I kept my shoes off after running them through security. I walked through McCarran International in my sock feet, partially in protest but more out of laziness. I boarded my plane, landed in Houston for my layover, and walked through Bush International with my shoes in hand. After riding a train and going up and down a few elevators, I came across the airport’s namesake - the legendary George H.W. Bush himself. In his regal presence I humbly begged that he help me out by getting rid of all this bogus security bullshit.

The picture that accompanies the post is worth a thousand and one words.

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Randall, whats goin on?? I

Randall, whats goin on?? I lost your email addresses after Prosperity, War and Depression (remember me? I was the dude from New York)...I can't believe I hadn't seen your blog before now. Write back, we should meet up and go drinkin' this summer.

That picture of the Bush statue is hilarious. I'd love to get an old Stalin statue and put it with Bush in a naughty pose like those derilect kids do to lawn reindeer.