American Idol Final 8

We lost Nadia this week :bigcry: , though to be honest I would have been far more disappointed if we had lost Bo. Of course he did sing Freebird almost exactly as we have all heard it ten million plus times, and for that I could see him getting voted off.

Nadia on the other hand sang a song by Crystal Gayle. I know who that is because I was enthralled with her very long hair when I was 3 or 4. I never liked her music though, and did not care for the song Nadia sang. Plus I have no sympathy for the "God has a plan for me/Whatever happens is God's will" sentiment. There are so many things wrong with that idea. I always sound like an intolerant jerk when I go off on stuff like that so I'll leave it alone for now.

Anthony improved by leaps and bounds over last week and still was not even remotely enjoyable to listen to or watch. Thats because "Climb every mountain" from last week was just really that bad. This week he sang "Every time you go away." I really don't get what people see in him. It must be a Clay Aiken resemblance or something. If he actually sounded like Clay, and wasn't so goofy when he's trying to dance on stage, I'd like him too. By the way this week's theme was "song's from the year you were born." It was actually the producer's way of slipping in a mid-70's to mid 80's theme night.

Anwar sang "I know I'll never love this way again." It was the same story as weeks past - sad dramatic song, big grin. Okay, he was better this week. This song was much more interesting than the one last week about not leaving you in the springtime :sleep: . Yet somehow (and I hate to sound like Randy Jackson but...) it just doesn't work for me. I want to see people that look like they mean the words coming out of their mouths, and Anwar just cannot pull off sincerity in his performances. He looks like a sincere guy in general, but he also looks like he's entirely oblivious to the meaning of the words coming out of his mouth. I bet you could substitue "I know I'll never love this way again" with "It's time to kill all the polar bears," and he'd look (and it would sound) exactly the same.

Vonzell sang "Let's hear it for the Boy," which happens to be the best 80's song ever -or perhaps it was simply my favorite song in elementary school and I now have a nostalgic attachment to it (same difference). She sounded and looked great, once again.

Carrie blew me away singing "Love is a Battlefield." She sounded just like Pat Benatar. Let me stress this fact: Carrie sounded like Pat Benatar. It was awesome. She still cannot emote the song in her face well at all, but all the emotions of the song were there in her voice -which was really astounding (and kind of confusing). Still it had to be one of Carrie's all time best performances. The judges did not notice this fact because they were to distracted with "What happened to the sweet innocent country girl box we had Carrie in." How are they ever going to market someone who doesn't fit into a nice convenient little box? (Who am I kidding of course they will shove her back in the box if she wins.)

Scott Savol sang "She's Gone" by Hall & Oates who were conveniently watching from the audience. If you took out the verses and just listened to the chorus, it was a great performance. If you listen to only the other part you would be wondering how this guy got on TV. It was kind of like "eek ike ick eek ahhhhhhhhhh eeck ick ike oh ouch ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The best performance of the night goes once again to Constantine who sang Bohemian Rhapsody. The fact that he actually pulled off that song was an amazing feat in and of itself. He also has a slight edge on Carrie because he can fully perform a song, with his face, with his movements, and with his voice. It was close though. Both of them pulled off amazingly challenging over-the-top rock songs. Still Constantine's polished performance, and subtlety with that song was really really cool. I'm still wondering what happened to the irritating, whiney, can't sing in tune Constantine that we were exposed to in the early rounds.

I'm actually kind of hoping he doesn't win so that we don't have to be exposed to the cheesy b.s. that studio 19 comes out with when they attempt to write songs for and market a "Rocker." That's another rant for another day.

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I have never understood the

I have never understood the obsession with Freebird. The same goddamn three chords over and over and over.

Yep, it still looks like

Yep, it still looks like Carrie (who was looking mighty fine) and Constantine are still in the drivers' seats, with Vonzell possibly being the darkhorse Cinderella candidate. Barring any "shockers", Anwar, Scott, Anthony, and Bo will all fight over who places 4th through 7th.

Although she wouldn't have made it to the finals anyway, Nadia went too prematurally. IMO, Scott and Anwar should've been shown the door before her.

WHY did Bo sing "Freebird"?!

WHY did Bo sing "Freebird"?! WHY?? This song prominently features one of the worst lines ever written for a pop song ("And this bird you cannot change" :wall:), and it features it REPEATEDLY! In fact, if whatever company that owns the recording were to issue a version with most of the vocal sections cut but the guitar soloing left intact, the song would be substantially improved. That's not true of all Skynyrd songs, but it's true of "Freebird."

Anthony already has his niche cut out for him - adult contemporary - and he probably knows it. He's the next Phil Collins or Peter Cetera, except without the prog-rock background. :razz: