Hold On to Your Nickels

The People's Socialist Republic of Berkeley (PSRB) will be voting to change the name of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Jefferson, the third president of the United States and a slave-owner (though ironically spoke out against it as well), has been deemed too offensive to grace the name of a government school.

Possible replacement names include labor union organizer Cesar Chavez and local leftist politician Florence McDonald. Apparently none of the statist policies championed by Chavez and McDonald weren't all that offensive in Berkeley, California.

Other PSRB indoctrination centers schools have changed names in the past. Rosa Parks replaced Christopher Columbus at one elementary school, and Abraham Lincoln Elementary School was renamed Malcolm X in the 1970s.

Doug Gamble contends that “as products of the California educational system, it’s unlikely the students have a clue who Jefferson is.”

Could there be a Karl Marx Middle School far behind?

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Hmm...how about Che High

Hmm...how about Che High School? He was a good guy, right? Good enough to show up on a t-shirt in a Burlington Coat Factory ad, at least.

I think I prefer Malcolm X

I think I prefer Malcolm X to Lincoln.

The left seems to have zero

The left seems to have zero problem quoting Jefferson when it suits their needs.

The fact is, nobody is perfect. If we seriously start looking for heroes in the "least offensive" as opposed to the "most effective" than the PC thought police will have accomplished their goal of wiping out diversity.

Soon we'll see an effort on

Soon we'll see an effort on the left to remove Franklin Roosevelt from the dime. Why, you ask, would the left ditch one of their icons? Because he was -- wait for it -- A SMOKER!!! Surely the mark of the beast if e'er there were. The nanny-staters can't possibly countenance such a poor role model.

Washington owned slaves,

Washington owned slaves, too. I say take him off the dollar and replace him with Chairman Mao. There was a man that was really great: he didn't own slaves. Obviously he was a humanitarian with a heart of gold.

As a slave owner Jefferson

As a slave owner Jefferson should be too offensive to grace any government doodad, school, or currency. I don't care what else he did, owning slaves rules him out.

Having been president only hurts his case, though he wasn't as bad as most presidents.

Not that I'm in favor of naming stuff after Chavez or anything. I'd prefer dispensing with the hero worship, or if we can't do that, honoring people who have actually made things a smidgen better, e.g., scientists and entrepreneurs.

Yes there is a Karl Marx

Yes there is a Karl Marx school, only its named Simon Fraser University and its in Vancouver. Close enough i guess.:neutral:

Haha. California is always

Haha. California is always good for a few laugh, ya know?