What Else Is New?

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

-- Mark Twain

or Parliament and Ministers for those Americans in the northern areas of our fair continent.

For those of us who are libertarians because we have studied philosophy, economics and/or history this is not news. We have been suggesting that the various politicians are regularly engaging in malfeasance. I will admit that this is bigger than we normally predict, we tend to suggest that the usual behavior can at least be covered up by rationalizations of "for the children", or some other "greater good". The Liberals will lose their hold on the government, the Conservatives will gain control, and nothing else will change. How long before the Conservatives are caught with their hands in the cookie jar?

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Sinclair Stevens, Bill

Sinclair Stevens, Bill Bennett, Bill VanderZalm and Grant Devine's entire caucus say hello.

This is one area where the Alberta Tories haven't embarrassed their public.

Trust me...the Libs will

Trust me...the Libs will remain. Eastern Canada is ambivalent to corruption as long as the Liberals claim they are the party of 'Canadian values' safeguarding their socialist utopia.

Brian Mulrooney's comin'

Brian Mulrooney's comin' back!

- Josh