When a falling apple is a gateway drug...

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A unified theory (of

A unified theory (of everything) will tell all...maybe.

Alas, Petro, it is a

Alas, Petro, it is a photoshop from SomethingAwful.com. :beatnik:

The short answer to your

The short answer to your question is - Newton could not refer to either, having written Principia over 200 years prior to Einstein's work.

Special and General only refer to Einstein's theories in that Einstein was able to work out the special case of an unaccelerated system having only one physical dimension. The general case that included accelerating frames and 3 physical dimensions plus time (curved space-time) required a lot more work, including a new form of calculus.

Please tell me I can order

Please tell me I can order this poster from somewhere, otherwise I'm going to wind up having to make one myself, and it'll get ugly, really, really ugly when I have to explain to The Wife why I ordered that wide format printer...

Newton's quote refers to

Newton's quote refers to general relativity, not special relativity, right?

Oh well. :)

Oh well. :)

And so, instead of absolute

And so, instead of absolute places and motions, we use relative ones; and that without inconvenience in common affairs; but in philisophical disquisitions, we ought to abstract from our senses, and consider things themselves, distinct from what are only sensible measures of them. For it may be that there is no body really at rest, to which the places and motions of others may be referred. -- Newton, Principia(Motte's translation, revised by Cajori)