Food Fight

Thursday night Pat Buchanan was doused with a cup of salad dressing when on a speaking engagement. This is the latest installment in a relatively recent wave of edible items thrown at conservative pundits, which includes pies being tossed at William Kristol and Ann Coulter. If the notion that the far left is any more pro-free speech than their right-wing counterparts hasn't officially died yet, this certainly closes the book on that myth.

In Buchanan's case, the ceasar salad dressing-thrower (on Cesar Chavez Day... get it?) was identified as one Samuel Mesick. Sporting a pink mohawk, he's a 24-year-old man who goes to a community college full time, has no major in mind, attends protest marches, and apparently enjoys throwing objects at those who offer a differing opinion from his own. A member of the Socialist Party, one can only assume that he will feel blameless when he comes across any current or future job woes.

As if on cue, Mesick pointed out that his actions stemmed from Buchanan's immigration views (Indeed, Buchanan got off easy compared to a Dutch politician who expressed a desire for tighter immigration controls). But does Mesick, who makes it a point to mention how much he reads, understand that Buchanan is a huge fan of protectionist legislations - an action labor unions certainly love - and was also opposed to the Iraq War? These things might've slipped by Mesick's literature.

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Lost in this whole debate

Lost in this whole debate was the fact that this Coulter column was typically full of distortions and inaccuaracies. Those of us in Tucson woke up to a treat - instead of having to do the normal 30 seconds of research to see her lies, there happened to be an article two pages earlier showing the true facts.

1) There were no bloody noses or broken bones - complete fabrications
2) While bemoaning the dropping of charges against the pie-throwers, Ann conveniently forgot to mention that the reason they were dropped (and will be refiled) was because Ann didn't show up for court

As a lifelong Republican, this is the sort of dishonest journalism that disgusts me.

Godspeed, Ben.

Godspeed, Ben.

Buchanan didn't press any

Buchanan didn't press any charges against the guy who ran up and yelled "Stop the Bigotry" then threw stuff at him.

OH yeah one small thing, I live in the town Kalamazoo and I know the guy not personally but have meet him before this happened.

When They interviewed the guy said

"Mesick said he opposes Buchanan because of his immigration views that he said discriminate against Latinos and what Mesick said is Buchanan's "revisionist" position on the Holocaust."

I think Mesick is very confused about the difference between the Holocaust and immigration. While the group he was suppose to be doing this for in his mind, pretty much called him stupid.

From My hometown paper "Kalamazoo"

Representatives of student groups who also opposed Buchanan's views condemned Mesick's act, with one calling it "ridiculous and disrespectful."

"I do feel bad hearing about that," Mesick said of the reaction. However, his friends and his employer have been very supportive, Mesick said, as well as his father. His mother is out of town, but he said he is sure she will be supportive, too, when she comes home and finds out.

Sorry but Mesick didn't do any good for anyone, he basically was out of the loop and had no real grip on reality. In a town full of tattooed, pierced and Mohawk people. Where they are proposing a 92.1 million increase in taxes to pay for the jails.

I am leaving this town.

Free speech and salad

Free speech and salad dressing
Conservatives like to act like tough guys, but it doesn't take much to get them wailing about some new example of perceived oppression by the "liberal elite." This time, the wingnutters are screeching about the grave danger of salad dressing.

Perhaps Buchanan should keep

Perhaps Buchanan should keep some cherry cobbler in his jacket and return fire.

Like Harry Hutton, I am

Like Harry Hutton, I am relaxed about the hurling of cakes and pies, as well as salad dressing. By jove, if it's good enough for Taiwan's parliament then it's good enough for our politicians and pundits too.