Apples and Oranges

Tyler Cowen links to a Cato article by Doug Bandow which states, among other things,

As a result, U.S. citizens are bearing a steadily increasing medical burden: Since 1999 America has accounted for 71% of the sales of new chemical entities, up from 62%. Japan and Germany, the next two largest pharmaceutical markets, account for just 4% each.

Any sort of comparison between the healthcare system of the US vs other nations has to take this fact into account.

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Why is it that things like

Why is it that things like this seem like a no brainer but the people doing the comparisons can never figure that out?

That fact may not imply a

That fact may not imply a "steadily increasing medical burden"; on the contrary, it may well imply steadily increasing quality of health case. That is, it may just mean Americans get the latest new drugs faster than other countries.