Lucente weighs in

OK, so you may not be familiar with Thomas Lucente, an editorial columnist for a small newspaper in the relatively small town of Lima, Ohio. Lucente, a self-proclaimed libertarian, also adds his opinion of the Terry Schiavo case to the figurative slush pile and chooses the side of the parents. Scroll down to the third brief story, although his first story – about the bizarre actions of chess player Bobby Fischer and even more bizarre actions of the US Government – is a good read as well.

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I found cattalarchy via

I found cattalarchy via Lemuel in Slovakia (this blog will be deleted), which I hit through Samizdata, only to find a columnist I'll now read regularly who toils for a paper a scant 40 miles away from my door. I think this Interthingy's gonna catch on.

Nope, I wasn't familiar with

Nope, I wasn't familiar with him, but his view on the case is pretty much the same view that I had. The Bobby Fischer story was more interesting to me, though, although not because I disagree with him.

No, I'm curious as to whether the Fischer story is more interesting because of the bizarre story of Bobby Fischer or just because I'm suffering from Schiavo fatigue.