An Unnecessary Evil

Wilkinson's Law:

The more your markets need government, the less your government will be able to do for your markets. Or, equivalently, the more your government is able to do for your markets, the less it will need to do. Pithier still . . . Government: if you need it, it won't be good, and if it's good, you don't need it.

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If you can summarize

If you can summarize economics with the phrase "there is no such thing as a free lunch", then Wilkinsons law summarizes everything you need to know about political economy. I think that would make an excellent PoliEcon final. "Wilkinsons Law. Discuss."

But I thought Joe Miller

But I thought Joe Miller discounted that by rationalizing theft from some, so others could MAYBE experience 'the good things in life' is the real way to go? I now believe theft from some is ok, as long as you/government perceive them to be rich. Which is it? Its so confusing.:dizzy:

That sounds a lot like the

That sounds a lot like the argument that Jeffrey Rogers Hummel made in
"National Goods versus Public Goods: Defense, Disarmament, and Free Riders".