American Idol Final 11

After a two day wait, the results for this week's American Idol are in, and everyone's favorite contestant got voted off - Mikahlah Gordon. Obviously she wasn't everyone's favorite, and she annoyed more people this week than she impressed. But that being said, Mikahlah did add some much needed personality and color to the competition.

This week the theme was billboard # 1's, which if you ask me is not a "theme" at all. In any case Mikahlah sang "Love will lead you back." Out of the 900 plus songs she had the choice from, I am surprised she could not find something better than that to sing.

As for the other contestants, Tuesday's show was overall a great show. Anthony Federov started the show with a characteristically poor performance once again including a very cheesy song selection, multiple out of tune notes, and a very awkward physical performance.

Nadia also had a poor performance this week, uncharacteristically. She choose one of my favorite songs "Time after Time" by Cindy Lauper. Musically she sounded shaky and winded through most of the performance, and we did not get to see or feel many of the emotions that could have easily been evoked by the song. I think she may have freaked out a little after singing "Always in spircles" instead of "caught up in circles," near the beginning of the song. That would explain the shakiness. Though I certainly think Nadia could have chosen a better song, I also think that song, performed well, would have been very powerful. It wasn't, but on an interesting side note Nadia was sporting a mohawk that looked really cool.

Carrie Underwood sang "Alone" an 80's rock ballad. It was her first real non-country performance and she did really well. She's still mic-eating and needs to work on her physical performance - particularly the emoting part. Nevertheless it was a great song for her voice, and she sounded awesome.

Constantine Maroulis also had another non-annoying, actually good performance this week. He sang "I think I love you," by The Partridge Family. Though he's still not one of my favorites I have to say that picking that song was brilliant. The charming, charismatic rocker singing "I think I love you" has double platinum written all over it (funny how Simon missed that :beatnik: ).

Bo Bice sang "time in a bottle." This week's episode was worth watching just for that performance. It was an outstanding performance that will hopefully make it to an album regardless of how this competition turns out. Its hard to grasp just how exquisite Bo's voice is until you hear him sing a subdued, artistic song like that.

Scott Savol sang "against all odds." It was definitely his best performance in the competition thus far. It was like he finally figured out how to really physically perform the words and notes he was singing. Scott has come a long way in the competition, and I am beginning to wonder if he is a little under rated by the judges. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the top 5. He'll probably beat out Anwar as well.

Just as there are a few contestants that are "growing on me" (as in I'm getting to like them more week to week) there is also at least one in which the opposite is happening. Right now that contestant is Anwar Robinson. He knows how to sing, he has a good voice, he knows how to move and perform on stage pretty well. Yet somehow something is missing. Maybe it's just a personality thing, but the most I get from his performances seems to be "I'm a good singer you should like me." The same thing happened a lot with LaToya last year. You get a powerhouse singer that thinks all they need is a little dancing and their voice will do the rest of the work.

Meanwhile you see no emotion or feeling in their performance beyond the expression of difficulty/intensity at holding that 15-second note, or belting out a run here or there. The "I'm putting a lot of effort into singing this" expression does not substitute for expressing the actual emotions of the song. Its those emotions that make the difference between a technically good performance that we wonder why we didn't get much out of and a stellar, unforgettable, blow-you-away performance that people are talking about and emulating for years to come (think Tamyra singing "A house is not a home" in season 1). This week Anwar sang "Ain't nobody" - it was an upbeat 80's song. Same problem - he just cannot seem to pull off more than a goofy grin when he is singing. In his defense it was probably a goofy grin kind of song. Still, it was unimpressive.

Vonzell Solomon sang "best of my love." Once again another well sung, well performed, and very energetic performance. The fact that the judges think that she is just now beginning to shine makes me wonder if they were perhaps snoozing through the last few weeks.

Nikko Smith sang "Incomplete" by Sisko. It wasn't a kind of music I like much. It falls under what the music industry likes to categorize as R&B these days, but that has little resemblance to the original R&B that was ultimately renamed "rock n' roll." Nikko's performance was good once again. I just really did not care for the song much, but I suspect thats an issue of personal taste.

Jessica Sierra sang "total eclipse of the heart." It was a terrible, terrible arrangement of the song. I realize they have to cut and paste quite a bit with a long song like that, but at least give it some coherency. In case you are not familiar with the original song it starts out slow, spends several minutes building up the intensity of both the lyrics and the music, and then hits you hard with a very climatic chorus, only to softly slip in at the end a line about "There's nothing I can do a total eclipse..." Obviously they couldn't spend 3 or 4 minutes on the buildup but they chopped out potent "build-up" lyrics just so she could repeat a line that wasn't repeated in the original song and was just confusing in her performance. I might have liked Jessica's performance if I could have beared to listen to such an extreme hatchet-job (in regard to the lyrics) on such a great song. :wall: There's also the remote possibility that she simply messed up and accidentally repeated that line. Lyrically the arrangement would have been bad regardless, but that repetition made it substantially worse.

So to surmise overall it was a good night with many great performances and I'm sorry to see Mikahlah go - but we all knew she wasn't going to win.

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Speaking of "Total Eclipse

Speaking of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," the best version of that song is that of The Dan Band. They were the wedding band in Old School and do shows out in California. Nothing's funnier than hearing guys performing girly songs laced with profanity while groping themselves.

I hope you were being

I hope you were being facetious with that last sentence. I don't watch every episode or anything, but the few I've seen, Mikhala has been just sickening to watch. Like when she sang some sappy, piss-poor Streisand ballad? Had to change the channel. Not to mention that her facial expressions were just horrific. They ranged from "nervous schoolgirl's first blowjob" to "bad elvis impersonation". Good riddance. Now, if we could get rid of Fatty McRedneck, we'd be on our way. I'm sorry, but, you don't see too many obese white guys in the biz. I know, it's odd, but, really, America can handle a fat black dude much easier than a fat white dude (especially when he's all redneckified). Don't ask me.

I've been hoping Fatty

I've been hoping Fatty McRedneck continues to roll through every week. The oafish anti-glitz persona of Scott is strangely appealing sitting between make-up drenched Jessica and smoother-than-thou Nikko. Jon Peter Lewis of yesteryear had that same sort of quality.

In the back of one's mind, one has to wonder if the "phone number mixup" was intentional. I doubt it was intentional, but Fox will have three AIs in Nielsen's Top 10 this week, as opposed to the usual two.

My overall thoughts are generally similar to Rainbough's. I thought Vonzell and Bo had the best performances this week. Nadia, Anwar, and Mikahlah's performances were my least favorites. I had a love-hate relationship with Mikahlah. She was irritating beyond a reasonable doubt, but with each approaching episode I found myself wondering, "Hmmm, I wonder what Mikahlah will do/say tonight?".

Too bad Mikhala didn't have

Too bad Mikhala didn't have some terribly obsessed voting bloc back in her home state to keep her alive (Remember last season re: Hawaii?). Either way, I disagree about Fatty McR. While it is a little refreshing to see someone not ready-cast for hollywood, it pains me to watch him, especially when he's awkwardly belting awful Phil Collins ballads. Plus, Vonzell's perfect smile is infectious---you can't look away. I'd vote her into the top 3 just on her face alone. Bo needs to lose that faggoty soul patch too. Voicewise, Carrie is on top...but her expressions while singing are very talent-show-ish.

Wait a minute. I'm discussing merkan idol? I feel dirty. What is wrong with me? It's wierd, I hate 95% of non-HBO TV, especially reality shows. But yet, I'm drawn towards Idol. I guess they're doing something right...

This episode demonstrated

This episode demonstrated why I love the show in general; it was one of the best I've ever seen in its history. Ordinary people sang with a mike in front of a crowd and looked like stars.

I'm a sucker for 80s nostalgia so Carrie Underwood's performance won me over - the song, the vocals, the big 80s hair. I agree with Simon - she's too good a singer, too versatile, and too good looking not to win.

I liked Nadia's mohawk.

Nikko, Vonzell, Jessica, and Scott all had strong performances. At the end of the show, I was pretty sure that Mikahlah was going to be voted off. Taylor Dane was perfect for her voice, and if she bombed on that, it was time to go. I think the strongest contestants remaining are:


Constantine will go far due to the teenage girl vote even though he's not as good as the others. Anthony should be the next to go.

Mikahlah was a little of

Mikahlah was a little of both. I just think the only person who consistently hits bad notes (at least to my ears anyway) is anthony, and its always on some transition where it is painfully obvious. I have not watched a single performance of his that I did not cringe at some note that he hit. On the other hand I have seen Nadia, Anwar, Constantine, and Scott hit a few bad notes here or there but it is not every single week that their performances are noticeably "pitchy," or that there are noticably out of tune notes.

Also when someone like scott hits a bad note it doesn't sound particularly terrible against the background music. When anthony hits one it does, even if it is only a little off. It might be the music he is picking, but more often than not his vocals and the music sound like they are on two different planes of existence.

No, I promise you I know the

No, I promise you I know the difference. All of the contestants have at least one or two off-notes (at least slightly) during the course of a song - hell, all singers do (with the possible exception of the very best classically-trained singeers), but know how to draw attention away from them and make sure that the out-of-tune notes are not the prominent ones. For instance, not even the best Broadway singer will sing every note in a quick upward or downward run exactly in tune, but they know to make damn sure that the first and last notes at least, the most prominent ones, are dead on. The human voice never does things perfectly, that's what makes it interesting to listen to. Heck, some singers are so good with dynamics and expression that pitch becomes a secondary concern - think about Bob Dylan's singing, for instance, or Mick Jagger's, or (to a lesser extent) Bruce Springsteen's.

As for Mikalah, I suppose it's possible that since she has such a naturally harsh, unclear tone, there are so many clashing harmonics in her vocals that I'm mishearing where the fundamentals are... :sweat:

First, a correction: his

First, a correction: his name is not "Fatty McRedneck"! Geez! It's Sling Blade Scott - get with the program, people! Anyway, I liked his performance of "Against All Odds" better than Phil Collins's, which sounds like damning with faint praise but I mean it as a compliment.

Secondly, those of you who are Mikalah fans, or even Mikalah toleraters, have marked yourselves out clearly as people who have never ever performed or studied music yourselves. The girl has never sung an in-tune note in her LIFE. Add to that her horrible, horrible Streisand-Drescher-Charo personality, and Thursday night was justice long overdue.

Constantine's performance was cute (if a bit pitchy) and showed us exactly who he is - a stagey cheeseball neo-vaudevillean with an outsized ego. Yeah, he induces a lot of teenage creaminess in the show's audience, but I'm ready for him to be hit by a bus or something and become a tragic fallen hero. He's too late to join the 27 Club, but better late than never (see also Mikalah)...

Nikko: Lots of personality + fun to watch + can't sing in tune to save his life = he would be better off as an actor than a singer.

It's like Anwar has gotten caught up in teaching us a weekly Great Works of Pop Music course and forgotten that he's supposed to be competing in a singing contest.

Vonzell did well but is way behind the curve in establishing a distinctive persona. Carrie and Nadia need to sue their hairdressers for malpractice. I actually don't dislike Anthony that much - he sings pleasantly and in tune, and definitely has a future in adult contemporary.

Of the people you mentioned

Of the people you mentioned Anthony is the only contestant that consistently hits off-pitch notes when he is singing. I have studied music, and I can tell. You can't seem to tell the difference between someone with a unique sounding voice and/or odd stylistic embellishments and someone who is actually singing out of tune. You have confounded timbre and pitch. That's like saying a tuba is out of tune because it doesn't sound like a clarinet.

My favorite idol that i

My favorite idol that i never want to go home and that i want to win is CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! i love her so much she is the best girl.:smitten: the best and my favorite guy is bo bice he rocks!!!! the person i absolutly hate who is ugly,ugly,and sucks at singing is anthony!!! i hate him so much..:evil:i will be so mad if he wins..:wall: i sawre to god he puts me to sleep :sleep:. thats it..peace