American Idol Final 12

Last night started with Jessica Sierra. Somehow I just really do not like her performances much. They are uninteresting, and she does not seem to emote well. Last night was 60's night and Jessica sang "You better Shop Around."

Anwar Robinson was next with "A House is not a Home." I suspect he was trying to pull off the kind of performance Tamyra did with the same song in season 1. He failed. It was dull, and hard to listen to. It was also hard to watch a sad song being sung by a smiling performer. In spite of his obvious refinement in comparison with some of the other contestants, and his performance abilities, we have yet to see anything from Anwar that is particularly unique. He seems like a good singer singing good songs, but in the end I would take a less polished singer with a more distinct personal style and flare over the "polished singer" any day (Fantasia for example).

Mikahlah was up next and sang "Son of a Preacher Man." I am beginning to wonder if Mikahlah is perhaps all style and little substance. However, her performances have so much personality she is hard not to like (for me at least). Tonight her musicality was rather grim. She sounded like she wasn't using the mic right or perhaps wasn't projecting well. Nevertheless she was cute and energetic, and that counts for something (perhaps it shouldn't... but it does).

Constantine finally, finally, gave a performance I actually liked. He was really great last night singing "You make me so very happy." His quirky moves actually fit well with the song, and his voice just melted into the music. It was very impressive. It wasn't annoying, contrived, and off key as it has been in the past. It looked like he had put some serious work into his performance in the past week. I really enjoyed it :eek: .

Lindsey Cardinale proved once again why she should have been cut 3 weeks ago, and why Amanda Avila really really should have been in her spot. She sang "Knock on wood." Lindsey's movements are awkward on stage, and most of the performance she stares off into space, plus she seems to like eating her microphone. There is no audience connection, and musically she is forgettable. Last night was no exception.

Anthony Federov is not a performer, but he can sing well. If he could just stay in tune I could see him as a studio muscian or a back up singer. He could even make a good soloist in a larger group or choir. By himself... eek! He's really hard to watch. Last night he sang "Breaking up is hard to do." He tried to make a Neal Sedaka song sound like a Frank Sinatra song. It was really odd, but not very interesting.

Nadia Turner came next with "You don't have to say you love me." Finally it feels like the season has started. Stylistically, musically, physically Nadia's performance was superb. She sings like she actually means the words coming out of her mouth, and like she feels the emotions expressed in the song. Finally, a contestant who can perform as well as they can sing.

Bo Bice sang "Spinning Wheels" by Blood, Sweat, and Tears -one of the all time best bands ever :mrgreen:. It was a fun song, and an energetic performance but his stage antics are a little bit too much. In spite of that his voice sounded great with that song. I wouldn't mind hearing him sing a lot more Blood, Sweat, and Tears in the future. I wonder what the chances are of pulling off a Blood, Sweat, and Tears song on country night?

Next came Vonzell Solomon singing "Anyone who had a heart." Not only was it musically great, but it was also very enjoyable to watch. The way she moved and emoted were perfect. She gave these great, tragic, pouty looks at the camera when she was singing that fit right in with the song. It was the kind of performance you would expect/hope to see at the grammys or academy awards.

Scott Savol sang "Ain't to Proud to Beg." It sounded good, but didn't look as nice. Its hard to judge him as a performer because you can barely see his eyes, he emotes very little, and he only has about 3 basic moves he does on stage. He's simply not as expressive as the other contestants. As a result its really hard to connect with his performances.

Carrie Underwood sang "When will I be loved." Vocally it was strong as always, but it would have been nice to hear a song that consisted of more than just repeating the chorus over and over. Also her excessive makeup took away from her innocent girl-next-door appearance which I suspect will not help her to win any votes. Its her sincerity that really pulls people into her performances, and she really lacked that last night. I don't know if it was the makeup, the song, the performance, or a little bit of all three, but she certainly lacked her typical star quality this week.

Last but not least was Nikko Smith. (Woo Hoo Nikko is Back!!! Sadly Mario is gone. :sad: ) Nikko sang "I want you back." Nikko is a really great performer, but he would be more memorable if we could see his eyes. His glasses sit down on his nose and make his face harder to see particularly around the eyes. He sang and performed well last night, but that being said his clothing and movements made him look like he was about 13. Hopefully he'll get to stay around for another few weeks.

Thus here is my ranking from best to worst from last night:

Vonzell Solomon
Constantine Maroulis
Nadia Turner
Bo Bice
Nikko Smith
Anwar Robinson
Carrie Underwood
Jessica Sierra
Scott Savol
Mikahlah Gordon
Anthony Federov
Linsey Cardinale

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Hello People!! im from

Hello People!!
im from philippines and i always watch American Idol.. i loved the performance of Constantine:smile:, gash!! i think i have a crush on him!:smitten: i loved the way he sing, he looks hope he'll be the the next american idol, i also loved Bo he really rocks!:grin: nadia & Carrie is also my choice..
i dony like mikahal, shes so everacting, exaggerated..:no:
to the rest of contenders in american idol, Gudluck! keep up the good works! :wink:

I still maintain that

I still maintain that Mikalah can't really sing - it's rare for her to hit an in-tune note. I suspect backstage shenanigans with Simon, Randy and maybe even Paula...:kiss:

As for Constantine... yeah, this was his least annoying performance yet, but his voice cracked during his big final note, which is the kiss of death for anyone wishing to look like a professional on stage. No matter how many teenybopper fans he has, I remain confident that there's no way in hell he's going to go all the way. to get a message to get a message to federov...if he can choose a song to should be TAKE THIS HEART by Richard Marx. I sent an e mail to clay aiken to sing BRIDGE OF TROUBLED suited him perfectly..for his voice...i swear to god, this is true.