Are We Keeping Our Kids Too Clean?

If eating local honey is a good way to get your immune system to stop responding to pollen, wouldn't "snot": from your nose, which contains the very same pollen, also be good? How about the dirt under your fingernails from biting your nails? Obviously in the case of dirt you can pick up certain diseases, but at the same time, failing to be exposed to small amounts of various antigens can be bad for your immune system later on.

I have to wonder if there is a correlation between picking your nose and eating it and/or biting your nails as a kid and lack of allergies when you grow up. As a data point, I did plenty of both and I have no environmental allergies to speak of, at least in California.


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It was right there under

It was right there under your nose
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Check this out:

Don't know. I haven't tried it.

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