Nosey-Bodies are Nothing New

Talk to a pregnant woman about her experiences, and one of the pet peeves you might hear about is the audacity of complete strangers voicing their concern about her actions - smoking, drinking, eating etc. Once the child is born, nothing seems to elicit random acts of opinion-voicing more than a crying baby: "He's tired.", "Why don't you feed him?", "Pick him up.", "He's cold. Give him a blanket.", etc. There seems to be no limit to the number of opinions on how you should run your child's life.

For a parent with a newborn, this might seem an entirely new experience. One might be surprised at how people get the nerve to comment on the way one raises one's child. Complete strangers don't comment on the way I dress, or what I eat!

But in reality, this is nothing new. Everyday, society tells you that you're doing almost everything wrong - through the tax code. It's more subdued, and you've lived with it for all of your life, so you don't always realize that it affects almost everything you do, and in ways more powerful than comments from strangers on the street.

Every payday you're told that you don't give enough to charity, so government will give on your behalf (withheld from your paycheck). You don't give to the correct charity, so government will give to the right ones. You can't educate your children correctly, so we'll tax you for a school system, then require your children to be in an approved school - at least force you to submit your child to standardized tests. You smoke and drink too much, so we'll tax you heavily whenever you buy cigarettes or alcohol. You aren't responsible enough to plan for your retirement, so we'll force you to contribute to the Ponzi scheme of Social Security. You can't be trusted to realize on your own that owning a house is generally a good idea for many people, so we'll give you an incentive to help you realize that (and dissuade you from any silly notion you might have of renting for long). You can't be trusted to take care of your health, so we'll force your employer to offer you healthcare and provide a large portion of the premiums.

The list is long, the effects are pervasive, and it's nothing new. The tax code is yet another way people express their disatisfaction with the way you live your life. Perhaps it's human nature, but that doesn't make it a good thing.

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