My Corrupt Western Biases

In all the talk of the protests in Lebanon, one thing has been completely overlooked...

...Lebanese chicks are hot.

(The determination of whether they are as hot as Venezuelan protestors is an exercise left to the reader.)

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Lebanese people are gay,

Lebanese people are gay, they are french wannabies

Hairy paki's! yeahhhh

Hairy paki's! yeahhhh

Iran is the best, we have

Iran is the best, we have the hottest girls, we have the strongest man in the world, were going to be the only middle eastern country to stop the US. and i loooove lebanese chicks. Theyre a lil hotter than iranians

lebense people rock just

lebense people rock just look at shakira and salama hayek lebesnese and spanish a beautiful combination.

Lebenese people rock like

Lebenese people rock like hell their so ghetto and yes leb women are hot just look at shakira and salama hayek spanish and lebenese a beautiful combination.