Catallarchy Server Upgrade

Dave has generously increased his monthly contribution to "NetSonic": to get us another gibibyte of RAM, bringing us to 1.5 gibibytes. This should eliminate issues with swapping during 'lanches. Every page load still hits MySQL at least once per post, and we're still using WordPress 1.2, which is written in PHP, so don't expect any miracles yet :)

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Thanks, Michael. I'll check

Thanks, Michael. I'll check it out after we've upgraded. However, the site seems pretty zippy now! The additional RAM seems to have made a HUGE difference.

I actually prefer if possible to keep the site as dynamic as possible, using internal caching rather than static pages where possible to avoid having to regenerate pages when I change templates. I don't know if WP 1.5 does this.

My medium to long term goal is to write my own CMS in Python using a decent templating language (Cheetah, ZPT, or Nevow) and smart caching of individual page sections. It will also use a single process, possibly with threads, to eliminate the problem of 60 separate Apache processes that grow to about 40 megs each. That should give me better pooling of MySQL connections as well, assuming I stick with MySQL and don't go to an object database.

As for the images, you either have been looking at someone's site who's stealing our bandwidth, or you're sending us bogus referrers. The images should look fine if don't send us a referrer at all, but if you send us a completely bogus referrer, you'll get the "use your own bandwidth" image. I won't fix that, because you should either send us correct referrers or none at all (or send the root of the site as the referrer; that will always work).

If you think you're sending correct referrers or none at all, email and I'll work with you to track down the problem.

I would recommend this

I would recommend this plugin if you are having issues with too many connections (after you upgrade to 1.5). Also, does anyone else other than me see the weird graphics for almost all images that appear on this site? They are the "use your own bandwodth" warnings.