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Radley Balko: Get pissed off. This is important. Instapundit has more.

Medrants discusses the coming doctor shortage.

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Yes, the State and it's

Yes, the State and it's minions tremble in abject terror at the mere thought of a pissed-off Radley Balko!

I think, along with Will

I think, along with Will Wilkinson, that Smith is deliberately tipping off the blogosphere in order to whip up the Swarm into a frenzy. This will be a real test of just how much collective influence the political bloggers have. If they can prevent this, I'll be far more impressed than I would by any number of journalist scalps they can collect.




Man the barricades boys!!! Its time we gave the fuckers a taste of cold steel!

I think that the most

I think that the most important thing to do is NOT stop offering opinions, thoughts and critiques of government in the blog sphere. They would have us shut up and do what they say. As this is a government "of the people, bu the people," we should be able say anything we, as citizens, feel needs to be said in the political sphere.

I'm not a blogger yet, but it's getting to the point where people (myself included) must become active in government or lose all say.

This could be a net plus.

This could be a net plus. If this law is deemed to be all or nothing, perhaps the angry bloggers with be the catalyst for it's demise. It should be obvious to anyone with a room temp. IQ that this odious bill is no less than an abridgement of free speech. I say keep bitchin' until there's action.http://catallarchy.net/blog/wp-images/smilies/furious3.gif

I'm not a big fan of Billy

I'm not a big fan of Billy Beck, but I think he gets it just right in the comments at Q&O here:

This is going to be no sweat at all. Let 'em try it.

They'll be ass-deep in criminals so fast that they won't know whether to shit or place a bet.

I, for one, hope they push the thing as hard as they can. We will not have seen the rotten bastards looking so foolish in one big worthless lump in all our lives, and the country can use the illustration.

"Bring it on."