American Idol S-F Round 2 - Guy\'s Night

Just a quick overview of the guy's night from Monday. Mario Vazquez started the night off strong with an upbeat song called "I Love Music." Next was Anwar Robinson who sang what was ironically an anti-vietnam war song. I think it was called "What's going on." Joseph Murena picked a much better song this week with "Let's stay together." David Brown once again bombed with a Stevie Wonder song called "All is fair in love." Constantine Maroulis sang "Hard to Handle," he seemed to be trying to prove he could rock as well as Bo did last week. Once again I didn't like it much. Scott Savol followed Constantine with "All my Love," and Travis Tucker did an awesome rendition of "All night long." Next came Nikko Smith who sang "Let's get it on." He did a superb job with the song both in his vocal and physical performance. Anthony Federov finally showed us what he could do with his voice by singing "Saving all my Love." However his performance style is still rather awkward. The best performance of the night goes to Bo Bice for his unbelievable performance of "Tied to the Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers.

My prediction of who will be going home tonight goes to David Brown and Anthony Federov.

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