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Grand Rounds 23 is at Intueri.

Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Coyote Blog.

Robert Lawson of Division of Labour tells us how to explain the gains from trade to fourth graders. This is a great idea - I wish somebody would have done this for me so I didn't have to wait until I was 20 years old to learn such a fundamental thing.

Rich Lederer of The Baseball Analyst has parts one, two, and three of his interview with baseball historian, and analyst for the Boston Red Sox, Bill James.

Also in the world of sports, as the countdown to March Madness begins, check out the best college basketball blog around - Yoco College Basketball. Hey, Yoni, if Kentucky wins it all, can I guest blog on your site for a day?

Arnold Kling has this must read article.

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Trent: In a word, yes. If


In a word, yes. If Kentucky wins the national championship, you can guest blog on my site.

Better yet, you can today (after Creating an Account) contribute a Diary to which other users can respond (see the right sidebar).

Thanks for the link and keep in touch,

Yoni Cohen, http://www.yocohoops.com

You just bought yourself a

You just bought yourself a guest-blogger. UK's got it in the bag, baby!