Out in the free air

I could already tell, but now I have it explicitly stated: Brian Doherty, my favorite Reason contributor, is an anarchist. Much of his previous output points to this, and many of our readers will not be learning anything new by this announcement, but I am pleased to see it out in the open like this. Who else is lurking in the depths, shunning the light of extreme libertarian day?

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I believe he has mentioned

I believe he has mentioned it elsewhere, in various articles. I specifically remember something in the pre-election issue about who famous libertarians are voting for, if at all. This article also indicated that a number of other people who you would not suspect as anarchists in fact are.

I recall his mentioning

I recall his mentioning being a "principled non-voter," which to anarchists is a red flag but to others might not be so obvious.

I wish I could get a

I wish I could get a transcript of that Barnett presentation he mentions.

I'm an anarchist too.

I'm an anarchist too.

Get out of town, Kennedy. I

Get out of town, Kennedy. I never would have guessed.