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Hot on the heels of my previous post, I have a somewhat strange sequel. I recently took a job in downtown Atlanta working for the Georgia state-level leviathan. Specifically, I am now on (the low end of) the staff of a state representative. At first I ruled it out due to moral considerations, but due to some more practical considerations I waived those with a shrug and "screw it." I won't actually be doing anything to advance the state's power (else I wouldn't have overcome my moral considerations), and--here's the fun part--I'll be spying in enemy territory (metaphorically speaking, GBI, metaphorically speaking!). I don't know how much exciting stuff I'll be able to share with you, dear readers, but if I come across something interesting that won't reveal who exactly I'm calling Sir now you'll be sure to find out.

So far it's just the usual stuff. The rep said he recently introduced a bill that he was sure would be successful and it met with disapproval all over the room. He's new to the game so he hasn't learned yet to be cynical and manipulative. He is a genuinely likeable guy, but he's a true believer in government authority. Not that everyone else in the Georgia General Assembly isn't, but maybe their superficial differences and differing priorities will keep too many bills from finding acceptance.

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You will hang with Hayek

You will hang with Hayek come the revolution. :behead:

Greetings...I'm a native of

Greetings...I'm a native of metro-Atlanta.
Do you listen to the Neal Boortz radio show? He tries to be a check on the potential evil that could eminate from beneath "the gold dome".

Er, why are we hanging

Er, why are we hanging Hayek? :dunce:

Stormy, It's an inside joke


It's an inside joke making fun of holier-than-thou libertarians. On second thought, I should have signed my comment "xxxAnarchistEdgexxx."


A number of us Catallarchy authors are occasional Boortz listeners. He's actually the person who got me into this crazy mess called politics. If only he would also try to be a check on the potential, nay certain evil that is eminating from the White House.

Micha, is that a straight

Micha, is that a straight edge reference?

I have no idea. It's one of

I have no idea. It's one of Randall's occasional screennames at when he wants to make fun of holier-than-thou libertarians.

Micha, I certainly don't

Micha, I certainly don't worship at the alter of "dubya". However, in the hostile global environment in which we find ourselves, IMO Kerry did not display the requisite balls. I personally see the value of nuance, but those who seek our desruction respond to simple, blunt, forceful language.