Pay-to-Pass Plan Axed

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has nixed a 'promise' introduced by former Governor John Engler to hand out a $500 bribe reward to students passing state achievement tests. The move would nullify a $9 million income distribution scheme.

The Detroit News editorial condemns the move, which is disappointing generally given the usually fiscal conservative tone of the News editorial staff.

Doing anything else is dishonorable and brings into question Granholm's commitment to encouraging Michigan students to achieve college degrees.

Granholm is not these children's mother. It is not the responsibility of a state government official to decide the career and educational paths of schoolchildren, much less pay them to pick the "right" choice.

Students are not being given this money for simply showing up, they're earning it by passing the state's own test.

Taking it away after the work has been done is unfair and calls into question Granholm's commitment to higher education.

But it’s "fair" when the state uses tax dollars to pay students to pass a test? When I was in high school, I achieved good grades by family encouragement and the knowledge of the rewards education would ultimately bring (good jobs, knowledge, cultural awareness, etc.). Isn't this enough incentive?

Breaking a promise (welcome to politics, kids) is indeed unfortunate. But it's the right correction.

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Isn’t this enough

Isn’t this enough incentive?

Apparently, paying kids correlates to higher grades pretty well. Which would be fine if a private school or parent did it. I suppose it's the same as purchasing Kaplan reviews or hiring a tutor. Incentivizing rather than training.

But it’s “fair” when the state uses tax dollars to pay students to pass a test?

But since it's my tax money, it all should go down the drain.

Put this in the ever growing category of "if schools were private, there wouldn't be a problem" like school-prayer or anti-evolution stickers.