American Idol Round 3 Lady\'s Night

If monday night was cheesy love song night, then last night was failed power ballad night. Half the contestants last night tried to do what Latoya did in this round last year - pull off a gut-wrenching power ballad - and they pretty much all failed.

The night started off with a fairly good performance by Vonzell Solomon who sang "Heat Wave." The song was fun and her performance was strong, unfortunately it was forgetable in comparison with other performances later on.

Song selection: 7 Musicality: 8 Audience Connection: 8 Physical Performance: 7 Memorability/uniqueness: 7

Overall: 7.4

Amanda Avila, a former vegas showgirl, sang "How am I supposed to live without you," one of the songs the guys also berated us with. Amanda has a great voice and her performance wasn't that bad, but she really really needed to choose a better song for this part of the competition.

SS: 6 Mus: 8 AC: 8 PP: 7 M/U: 7

Overall: 7.2

Next came Janay Castine one of the female contestants we have seen very little of thus far. Janay spent her entire performance with a look of terror on her face. Not great for audience connection, but it did make her memorable, but perhaps not in the way she wanted to be remembered. She sang "I'm Gonna Love You Forever." It would have been a great song choice if she could have physically performed it (emoting etc.) as well as she sung it. Unfortunately she did not.

SS: 6 Mus: 7 AC: 5 PP: 6 M/U: 6

Overall: 6

Carrie Underwood had one of the strongest performance of the night. I didn't catch the title of her song, but it was a country power ballad that was mentioning something about "what could have been" not being able to hold her tight etc. She did very well with one minor problem. She doesn't seem to know how to use a microphone. Quite a few of the ladies last night had a similar problem. I call it "eating-the-mic" syndrome. First of all, I've heard from stage musicians I have known that pulling the mic back a few extra inches from your mouth will dramatically improve the sound quality of your performance. Apparently holding it too close can effect the singer's pitch, making them sound out of tune. Second being able to see the emotions of the performer is a vital part of being able to "connect" with them and their song. One of the big places we see emotion is in the expressions of the mouth. If the singer blocks their mouth with a big mic it will negatively impact the audience's impression of the musician's performance. To put it simply Carrie's performance would have had a greater impact and been that much more powerful if we could have seen all of her face.

SS: 9 Mus: 9 AC: 8 PP: 8 M/U: 10

Overall: 8.8

Sarah Mather had one of the more enjoyable performances of the night. She sang "Get ready cause here I come," and she performed it very well. It was very interesting and energetic. I think the judges were completely wrong about it being a poor song choice. Her performance was excellent. She is particularly adept and moving on stage, and at the physical aspects of performing a song, plus her vocals were impressive too. Furthermore Sarah brought a great deal of personal style to the song and that was nice to see.

SS: 9 Mus: 8 AC: 9 PP: 9 M/U: 9

Overall: 8.8

Melinda Lira did not do well. She sang "The Power of Love," by Celine Dion. The song seemed like it would have been very nice with Amanda's voice in theory. In practice the performance was awful. She did not connect with the audience, and we could barely follow the song.

SS: 5 Mus: 6 AC: 6 PP: 5 M/U: 4

Overall: 5

Nadia Turner was in my opinion the best performer of the night. I didn't really get the song, but wow can she perform. She sang a song that I am guessing was called something like "that's the power of love," (the title is strangely reminiscient of the previous song isn't it.) Anyhow it was an upbeat and very passionate song that Nadia sang with full flare. It was certainly the most memorable performance of the night.

SS: 9 Mus: 8 AC: 10 PP: 10 M/U: 10

Overall: 9.4

Next came Celena Rae with yet another Celine Dion power ballad. Needless to say it didn't work out. :sleep:

SS: 6 Mus: 6 AC: 5 PP: 7 M/U: 5

Overall: 5.8

What happened to Mikahlah? I admit I didn't like her when we first saw her in the initial auditions, but in round 2 I did. Now I definitely do not. The make-up was horrible, she was clownish, and the call-outs to judges and audience that were so cute before were just annoying and distracting in her performance last night. She sang "Young hearts run free" (I'm guessing on the title once again). Which would have been nice if the whole package wasn't quite so goofy.

SS: 6 Mus: 7 AC: 5 PP: 5 M/U: 9

Overall: 6.4

Lindsey Cardinale wins the award for the most awkward and forgettable performance of the night. She sang a song about someone standing next to her -another attempt at a power ballad I think :???: . It wasn't interesting in the slightest, and while she managed to actually look at the camera/audience she still failed to make any connection. I'm still not sure what she was singing about.

SS: 5 Mus: 7 AC: 5 PP: 6 M/U: 2

Overall: 5

Jessica Sierra at least performed a song we can remember cause most of us know it. My fiance's response to her rendition of "Take a look at me now," was "this song again?!?" I had to point out to him that no one had yet sung it. So while it was a better choice of power ballad than most of the previous singers chose, it was still easily lost in the drone of two nights worth of "soft rock classics."

SS: 6 Mus: 7 AC: 5 PP: 8 M/U: 6

Overall: 6.4

Finally the night ended strong with Aloha Mischeaux singing "Are you gonna work it out." It was an interesting song. Aloha definitely has some personality and this song showcased it well, not to mention her deep spunky voice. It was a great performance and hopefully we will get to see a lot more of Aloha.

SS: 8 Mus: 9 AC: 9 PP: 9 M/U: 10

Overall: 9

My top 3/4 for the night were:

Nadia Turner: 9.4
Aloha Mischeaux: 9

with Sarah Mather and Carrie Underwood tying at 8.8.

Its worth noting that Carrie's performance would have beat Sarah's if she hadn't been eating the microphone.

The worst of the night and my prediction for bottom 3 goes to:

Lindsey Cardinale: 5
Amanda Lira: 5
Celena Rae: 5.8

I expect to see Lindsey and Melinda Lira leaving us. For the guys I think we will lose Jared Yates and David Brown. We will find out in just a little while. :beatnik:

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