American Idol 4.3 Results

The results are in and half of my predictions turned out to be correct. My lowest scorers, Melinda Lira and Jared Yates, both got cut from the show. On the other hand two of the strongest performers from last night were also cut, Sarah Mather and Judd Harris. This is proof that the lowest vote getters are far easier to predict than the second lowest vote getters.

It is also a stark reminder that at its most basic level American Idol is a popularity contest. Exposure matters, personality matters, and whether or not the audience cares for your personal style also matters. I still can't see anything either of the two contestants (Sarah and Judd) could have done better. Both of them performed excellently, had unique, interesting, and well polished personal styles, both picked their songs well in my opinion, and both were very memorable.

In the end the statement "there is no accounting for taste" rings true in this case, and I do not mean that in its typical sense (as derogatory to the choosers), but rather to say that I really cannot come up with a category to meaningfully determine which personal styles most of the audience will and will not like. I am certainly sorry to see both Judd and Sarah go. If either of them had been in last year or the year before's competition they would have outshone all the competition as they outshone most of it this year. As for the other two, well it wasn't really difficult to predict that they would get cut. Between the low exposure they got in the early episodes (an interesting note none of the contestants who were cut had very much exposure in the early episodes -sarah got a little and the rest got next to nothing), and their bleak showing on Monday and Tuesday night I figured they were a shoe in for going home.

I do find it a little annoying that the judges sit back and try to account for the outcome as if they could have predicted that Sarah and Judd would get cut. They were just as surprised as the rest of us, but I suppose they are just doing their job.

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