American Idol Round 3 - guys night

Last night was apparently cheesy love song night on American Idol. I found this fact particularly interesting because it seemed as if most of the guys competing were trying to appeal to the young female vote while ignoring the fact that quite a bit of their audience would not be particularly swayed with adult contemporary love songs. Nevertheless it was overall a good night. This is by far the strongest round 3 showing I have personally ever seen. Of course it helps that they got rid of the piano last year and let contestants sing to studio quality music.

I came up with my own rating system to judge the contestants. Its a 1-10 scale (where 1 is poor - think William Hung - and 10 is excellent -think Clay Aiken - ) with 5 categories:

Song Selection - Did the song selection work well for the voice, range, and style of the contestant as well as the nature of the competition at this point.

Musicality - How well was the song vocally performed?

Audience Connection - How well did the contestant connect with the television (and not the studio) audience. (note - if the performance sucked it doesn't matter how much the studio audience happened to cheer).

Physical Performance - How well was the song physically performed (i.e. were the gestures/movement appropriate to the song, how well did they emote etc.?

Memorability/Uniqueness - How memorable was the contestant? (It should be noted that memorability as a category will eventually drop out as a rating once we get to a significantly smaller number of contestants - I'm thinking around 7. The utility of this catetory is the fact that a good performance is useless if no one remembers you when they are voting.)

All of the ratings are based on my own personal opinion which you are more than welcome to disagree with. Though I have a musical background I do not claim to have any special knowledge of singing and/or performing as a profession etc.

On to the music. Last night started with Nikko Smith. Nikko sang "Part time lover," and did a fairly good job. It was entertaining and well performed. His glasses hindered direct eye contact with the audience/camera, which is vital to audience connection and thus pushed down his rating in that category.

SS: 8 Mus: 9 AC: 7 PP: 7 M/U: 7 for an overall score of 7.6.

Scott Savol followed Nikko with "You are my lady." It was a very nice song for his voice, but unfortunately a very cheesy and forgetable song. Luckily Scott is a very memorable guy so I don't expect that to hurt him much.

SS: 7 Mus: 9 AC: 7 PP: 8 M/U: 9 Overall: 8

Anthony Federov completely bombed. He picked by far the cheesiest song of the night with "Hold on to the night," which he sung badly. He was out of tune, and trailed off slightly at one point. His audience connection was nil, and his movements looked staged and awkward. It was hard to listen to, and even harder to watch. His one saving grace is memorability. Not only does he already have a fan base but a bad performance can also make one very memorable (in the category of memorability William Hung would rank 8 or 9 to Clay Aiken's 10).

SS: 5 Mus: 6 AC: 3 PP: 5 M/U: 9 Overall: 5.6

Bo Bice sang the first of the two non love songs of the night with "Drift Away." His song selection was awesome, the performance was great, and he has a very interesting personal style. Definitely my favorite performance of the night.

SS: 10 Mus: 9 AC: 8 PP: 7 M/U: 10 Overall: 8.8

Next was Travis Tucker who sang a song I can never spell right but here goes "mi sheri amor" by Stevie Wonder. He has a great voice, and I really like that song, but his performance of it didn't really do anything for me. It was kind of bland. His big smile and professional style though reminded me of LaToya from last season so I suspect we will be seeing much more of him in the future.

SS: 6 Mus: 7 AC: 8 PP: 9 M/U: 9 Overall: 7.8

Constantine Maroulis sang one of my favorite songs, and once again I did not enjoy it in the least. He sang "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal and sounded out of tune for most of the song. Most of his performance revolved around making interesting faces and gestures at the camera. Wide-eyed pouty looks, rocker looks, and gestures reminiscent of Stephen Tyler and Stevie Nicks. Nevertheless he seems to have the strongest fan base of anyone on the show thus far, and he was certainly memorable.

SS: 7 Mus: 6 AC: 7 PP: 9 M/U: 10 Overall: 7.8

David Brown is my prediction for first (of two) to get cut from the guy's group. He sang well and the performance was okay but he was also one of the most forgetable contestants of the night. He sang "I never can say goodbye," a song which consisted mostly of repeating that same phrase over and over. After Constantine's very precise and deliberate physical performance, David's gestures seemed unpolished and perhaps a little goofy.

SS: 5 Mus: 7 AC: 6 PP: 7 M/U: 3 Overall: 5.6

Jared Yates is the lowest scorer of the night. While his performance was technically better than Anthony Federov's he was also far less memorable both is his perfomance and song selection. His song was called "How could I say goodbye," (great choice for following "I never could say goodbye" :sleep:), and I don't think he looked directly at the camera once. His audience connection was a joke, and if you don't connect with the audience then the audience doesn't vote for you. He is the other male contestant I expect we'll be saying goodbye to on Wednesday.

SS: 4 Mus: 6 AC: 4 PP: 3 M/U: 2 Overall: 3.8

One of my early favorites, Anwar Robinson, was up next. He sang "Moon River." The performance was very good, but I am not very familiar with the song so I did not enjoy it as much as some of the others.

SS: 7 Mus: 9 AC: 7 PP: 9 M/U: 8 Overall: 8

The best performance of the night came from Judd Harris who sang "Playing in a travelling band." The performance was spot on. It was an upbeat song and his physcial performance was reminiscient of of Elvis. He hit all his notes, performed his song well, both physically and vocally, and connected very well with the audience. His performance style is much like Jon Peter Lewis's (from last season) only superbly polished.

SS: 10 Mus: 9 AC: 9 PP: 10 M/U: 9 Overall: 9.4

Joseph Murena was the first contestant of the night to really pull off the "Heart Throb" routine. He sang "How am I supposed to live without you." He emoted really well and he sang really well. It would have been a good song choice if we hadn't already heard 6 or 7 adult contemporary love songs. It was like listening to a soft rock station, you can only listen to so much "How can I say goodbye, live without you etc." before the songs start running together. Anyhow he's a good performer so I hope we do not lose him anytime soon.

SS: 7 Mus: 9 AC: 9 PP: 8 M/U: 7 Overall: 8

Finally Mario Vazquez ended the night with a strong performance of "Do I Do," (I'm guessing that was the title I had never actually heard the song). It was a fun, fast, love song the showcased mario's vocal talents and charisma.

SS: 8 Mus: 9 AC: 8 PP: 9 M/U: 10 Overall: 8.8

So my choice of top 3 performances of the night is:

Judd Harris: 9.4
Bo Bice: 8.8
Mario Vazquez: 8.8

Bottom 3 and most likely to get cut:

Jared Yates: 3.8
David Brown: 5.6
Anthony Federov: 5.6

We will find out how good my prediction skills are on Wednesday. :twisted:

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pop idol sux :end: // nice

pop idol sux :end:
// nice smilies :shock:

I enjoyed your comments....

I enjoyed your comments....

Your Top 3 actually matched

Your Top 3 actually matched mine. I also hope Scott gets on track and goes pretty far, as he looks the least "polished" of the whole group. It's still pretty tough to keep track of the contestants with there being 24.

Tonight I would say that Nadia Turner was my favorite, followed by Carrie Underwood.

Simon said that half the audience would find Mikalah Gordon entertaining, and half would simply find her annoying. Place me in the latter category. :roll:

I missed the guys episode,

I missed the guys episode, but as for the women, I'd say Carrie Underwood did well. Mikahalah could win the thing if she wasn't so annoying.