Supreme Court to Consider Eminent Domain

Well it took them long enough didn't it.

Supreme Court to consider eminent domain: "Berliner, with the Institute for Justice, said Kelo isn't asking the court to overturn its 1954 ruling or even diminish eminent domain in a way that will affect private development.

She said that because even New London agrees that Kelo's neighborhood isn't a blighted slum, it's an extreme case.

'We're just trying to have the standards enforced properly,' she said. 'It's one thing to take (property) for private development of a blighted area, it's another to take it to simply raise tax dollars or create jobs."

So apparently the argument is that if the neighborhood is poor -er "blighted" - then it is okay to seize their property by force to develop the area for people with more money. If they are middle class then it is not okay.

I like to think of this as the long struggle of local governments to keep class warfare alive and well.

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I'm not criticizing the

I'm not criticizing the choice of argument. I'm criticizing the fact that that is the best that could be made. If you noticed the critique is of local governments and not the individuals trying to hold on to their property.

Or a group of like minded

Or a group of like minded people trying to make the argument with the best hope of succeeding.

You could of course argue most uses of eminent domain are unconstitutional, but on that theory, you will not win any trials any time soon.