You Heard It Here Twelfth

If I wasn't so lazy, I would have transcribed it by hand. Luckily, someone else went to the trouble of uploading the classic Daily Show clip from last week, in which Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert -- or should I say Ted Hitler -- take on bloggers, mainstream journalists, and the Gannon/Guckert scandal. So funny that even the generally sober Stewart can't keep a straight face. Pure comedy gold.

[via dadahead via Kerry for President 2008 via onegoodmove]

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Wow, that's awesome. Talk

Wow, that's awesome. Talk about skewering MSM, I mean the take-home message was "MSM is just whining because they got complacent about their power, and they mostly suck". Jon Stewart rules. It's like a video version of the best Onion articles - making extremely pointed political statements humorously.

I proudly admit I nearly

I proudly admit I nearly pissed myself watching that.