American Idol Top 24

Here is the list of top 24 contestants on American Idol:


David Brown
Nikko Smith
Anthony Federov
Judd Harris
Joseph Murena
Anwar Robinson
Mario Vazquez
Bo Bice
Jared Yates
Constantine Maroulis
Scott Savol
Travis Tucker


Jessica Sierra
Aloha Mischeaux
Mikahlah Gordon
Nadia Turner
Vonzell Solomon
Carrie Underwood
Sarah Mather
Celena Rae
Janay Castine
Lindsey Cardinale
Melina Lira
Amanda Avila

There are a few people I was definitely sad to see go. Among them Jennifer Todd, John Zisa, Sharon Galvez, and Jaclyn Crum. Hopefully they will return next year. At the top of my list of "should have made its" though is Ross Williams, labeled by the show as "the crooner." His final performance in round 2 was impressive. He was mimicking an instrument improvising a solo. It was very good, but apparently a very bad idea for an audition. It showcased his talent, but not really his voice. So long to Ross, hopefully we will see more of him in the future.

There are a few newbies on the list as expected, and by that I mean people we have seen little to none of on the show. As a result it is hard to make top 12 predictions, and pick favorites because there are certainly a few people that cannot be adequately taken into account. Nevertheless my favorites at this point are Mikahlah Gordon, Nadia Turner, Vonzell Solomon, Amanda Avila, Mario Vazquez, Scott Savol, and Anwar Robinson.

My least favorite is Constantine Maroulis. Thus far I have liked neither what we've seen of his style or personality. Though he is certainly "different" and brings something unique to the competition, I have yet to find his performances even remotely enjoyable. Hopefully that will change in the future as he seems to be a fan favorite, and will likely go far in the competition.

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My early predictions for the

My early predictions for the top few are Mikahlah Gordon, Constantine Maroulis, and Mario Vazquez.



for me the next american idol will be... MARIO VAZQUEZ! NO OTHER ELSE. believe me folks... just do.

Come on now! Does it really

Come on now! Does it really makes sense to say who the next Idol will be? I'm sure you all thought LaToya London would win last year, and to everyone's surprise she was voted off. The same with Jennifer Hudson. Nothing surprises me in this competition anymore. You can say Mario Vasquez will win....but that would only be if PAULA, RANDY, & SIMON vote for him. Remember....America votes, and America has been known to cast silly votes for non talented singers such as last seasons John Stevens, JPL, Matt Rogers and Jasmine Trias, who beat out the better singers. Please, grown a brian & get a clue.

I am excited about this year

I am excited about this year group they are all pretty good but there's something about Mario that stands out in any group but then again you areright JOY americia do vote SILLY but i am with MARIO UNTIL THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Vazquez is an Awesome

Mario Vazquez is an Awesome Singer and Performer! i would be suprised if he didn't atleast make it into the top 2. :-)i really hope he wins!