Faithfully With Open Arms

Continuing the hard-hitting journalism that we brought you earlier with the Libertarian Girl expose (Powerline, move over!), we turn now to another issue with far-reaching implications. Tim Cavanaugh of that bastion of blogs Hit-n-Run asks the gripping question that has eluded scholars for nearly a decade - How has Journey been surviving in the post-Steve Perry era?

Being a child of the 80s who never quite outgrew its cheesiness, Journey is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine. I can authoritatively answer Tim's question: the reason is that they somehow managed to find Perry's ka as his replacement. It's creepy how alike the two are - same first name, rhyming last names, and nearly the same voice. Anyone else and the band would have merely vanished into the void of bad VH1 specials instead of being star attractions on the over-the-hill pop-ballad concert circuit.

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Okay, maybe the last one was

Okay, maybe the last one was too hard. How about this one:

Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth
I do recall, those were the best times, most of all
In the heat with a blue jean girl
Burnin? love comes once in a lifetime
She found me singing by the rail road track
Took me home, we danced by moonlight

and BTW, since catallarchy's

and BTW, since catallarchy's clock is apparently set to central time, using micha's "logic" above, i broke the LG story -- half an hour before catallarchy. yeah, screw wazoo. i'm the man! i am the most glorious piece of blogger pie ever baked! ROFL.

pathetic. give it up to wazoo and have done with it. can't believe this nonsense.

"next stop: rocket science!"

"next stop: rocket science!"

read this post, scott.

I assume by wankers you

I assume by wankers you aren't referring to us, since we actually did credit it. What others have done with the information is beyond our control.

wasn't talking about you,

wasn't talking about you, micha -- well, up until you brought up the ridiculous drudge comparison and are making it sound as though you did something other than comment on what wazoo said publicly before you, here and at no-treason. everybody blowing off wazoo in the aftermath is a sham. full credit should go to him without wavering -- not this retro-conditional "well, under established BS, catallarchy gets the credit. crazy, huh?" can't believe i'm hearing this nonsense. has everybody gone instabananas?

yeah, it's a little thing. a very little thing. that's what makes what's been done that much worse; people falling over themselves to accept the distortion. disgraceful toads. anybody with integrity would have deflected any credit to the person it really belongs to. like it was a hot potato.

let me guess; somebody's going to mention yet again that micha credited wazoo in the original post (duh). that's not the point. i'm talking about what happened afterward. it's dishonest, and you know it. wankers.

Charley, As David mentioned,


As David mentioned, I never claimed to be the first one to catch this. I clearly credited my source. But in terms of "breaking the story," if Drudge gets an inside tip that leads to a groundbreaking story (not to say that the LG episode is groundbreaking or anything), Drudge is credited with breaking it, not the tipster. And this is true even if the tipster called a bunch of other journalists to share the story, who published it after Drudge. Now, one could say that an anonymous comment in a blog thread itself counts as publishing a story, and you might have a point. But not everyone reads comments and they are certainly not as visible as blog posts. Had I not been the first blogger to post wazoo's discovery, another blogger would have, and that blogger would have been credited for "breaking the story." And so it goes in this crazy world of pseudo-journalism.

Err..Charley, Micha

Err..Charley, Micha specifically said "Wazoo turned my attention to this personal ad on a mail-order bride website..." and included the link to wazoo's comment.

Fine - full credit to wazoo

Fine - full credit to wazoo and no-treason.

Now, who can name this one -

In the shadows of a golden age
A generation waits for dawn
Brave carry on
Bold and the strong

And for extra credit, which movie?

(no googling allowed)

it's amazing how wazoo's

it's amazing how wazoo's seemingly single-handed exposure of LG has now become catallarchy's. isn't this dishonest? it was wazoo who exposed LG, but because catallarchy was mentioned in LG's confession, that fact is forgotten. one may as well claim, using the same logic, that no-treason broke the LG story. sloppy. micha ghertner ran with it, but it was wazoo's catch. had catallarchy not existed, LG would have been busted the same day because of wazoo's publicity. i noticed it at no-treason before i saw it at catallarchy.

stop the spin! all hail wazoo!

One of the very few halfway

One of the very few halfway decent groups put together by producers and record execs.

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning,
Don't know where I'll be tomorrow...

I got ya beat, Johnathan.

I got ya beat, Johnathan. All of the pleasure, none of the guilt.

Don't stop.... believin'...

You both make me sick.

You both make me sick.

Streetlights... people... whoa oh whoa...

All this talk about Journey,

All this talk about Journey, on more than one occasion I got a date by sitting down at a piano and playing/singing Journey songs. I don't like Journey for their music, I like Journey for the effect on the ladies!

Those crazy nights, I do

Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth

All I recall is that is from the Escape album. I'm not even remembering what key it's in.


I adore Journey (and I

I adore Journey (and I thought I was the only one!). I make the other grad students listen to it in the lab while we're working- I figure I'm entitled after all the National Public Radio they put me through.

[...] t Stop Believin’”

[...] t Stop Believin’” is the 8th most-downloaded song on iTunes today. Looks like Jonathan’s been busy. [...]