American Idol 4.2

Finally round 2 is here, and one of my early favorites, Briana Davis, has already been cut. In case you do not remember she is the one who sang "Phantom of the Opera," and had the blue hair. In defense of the judges, her second round audition was really bad. She was nervous, hit a few bad notes, and just did not really pull it off, but it would have been nice to see her get a second chance in light of the fact that they knew just how talented she was. Perhaps her particular style and talent would not have worked well in the pop-ish world of American Idol, but unfortunately it was far too early to tell.

As for the other contestants, the results have been fairly predictable. Mario Vazquez, Constantine Maroulis, Ross Williams, Dezmond Meeks, Nadia Turner, Vonzell Simon, Mark Savol, Carrie Underwood, John Zisa, and Anwar Robinson (among others) all made it to part 3 of round 2. Likewise Regina Brooks got cut, and so did Emily Neves, who was good but barely made it through round 1 (though I was sad to see her go).

There were also a few interesting developments. Marlea Stroman -the contestant who sang Bonnie Raitt's "All at Once" in round 1 decided to drop out after making it past her initial audition in round 2. She decided the pressure was too much, the other contestants were too mean, and that it was too hard to be away from her son. I'm surprised she didn't think of this stuff sooner. What do you think is going to happen if you make it big, and you suddenly have cameras following you around night and day.

I didn't catch if Sharon Galvez, Jennifer Todd, or Mikahlah Gordon made it to part 3 of round 2, but I'm presuming they did. I was dissapointed that we didn't get to see the group performance of Jennifer Todd, and Ross Williams, who were apparently in a co-ed group together. Also as expected, Mikahlah is growing on me. Her initial audition in round 2 was great. When the judges started talking during her performance she started calling Simon out in her song to get his attention. Then she told him that if he didn't put her through she would make him go to prom with her.

Overall the "Hollywood Round" has been fairly interesting and entertaining, but not much else. This isn't when you get the blow you away performances. This is when you get to see contestants bickering, drinking, and making fools of themselves on T.V. Something we won't get much of later on. This is probably the most "realistic" American Idol ever gets as far as sharing the inane details of people's lives with us in the style of reality television. Luckily that is not what gives the show its charm. Coming soon... Good singers singing.

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American Idol's Constantine

American Idol's Constantine maroulis is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Hope he sticks around. Great eye candy!

:smitten: I love constatime!

:smitten: I love constatime! He rox my sox!

the thing i love about

the thing i love about constantine is he can do everything. he can do that really scarry screaming hard metal or he can do a soft sugar pie honey bunch. not only that but he is so hot!

Constantine is the one this

Constantine is the one this year. I am Canadian and can't vote, so you Americans better vote your little hearts out, cause that guy has got to win.

Go Constantine !!!

Constantine all the way.

Constantine all the way. I'm so excited that he's making it. To me, he has everything he will need to make it big. The talent most of all, along with looks, charisma and stage presence to make the total package.
Go Constantine!!!

As for Mikalah, she's growing on me alright. Right on my last nerve.
I don't think she has as much talent in comparison to the rest of them, though I give her props for doing what she is doing at her age. I am mostly at the point I can't stand the sight of her. Literally. She is like nails on a chalkboard to me. To each their own, but Simon was right, I think. Half of America will find her entertaining and the other half will find her irritating. I'm with the later.

As for the rest of them, all the guys that are left have amazing talent and I can't imagine who they will let go next week. Everyone really needs to vote for their favorites -- it's going to really matter. There are still some girls left that can go, in my opinion.

I agree with you Mom.

I agree with you Mom. Constantine is AWESOME! I hope he goes far, but either way, even if he doesn't make American Idol - He will go on to do great things. He's just so talented, and who can resist that SMILE!

i love constantine! i love

i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!
i love constantine!

I am definitely agreeing

I am definitely agreeing with all of you! Constantine is my favorite too and I'd want him to win etc. but most of the people voting are 14/15 yr. old teeny-boppers...which means they'll end up voting for someone else because they don't like his "style" So everyone needs to vote!! ♥

Hello,I'm only 15 but I know

Hello,I'm only 15 but I know girls my age don't realize how good Constantine really is.He's the only reason I'm watching American Idol.I think he has what it takes to be American Idol personality,He has a different style then the rest although bo bice does rock but he has a different style of rock and there is just something about him when you look at him.

I started voting for him when Ryan made a mistake or he ment it when he skip him and he went back to him after and I was Scared because I though he was going to be on the bottom two.I realize voting does matter.One vote could make a difference and that thing about him and Bo Bice.Bo bice is good he has his on style of Rock but Constantine has something that Bo doesn't have and you could just see it right there.Not because of his different style but once again you could see it and besides I think its time to get off the pop for the American idol 4 season.I like alot of Rock music and really don't like pop music.Its all about the rock.So you Constantine Maroulis Fans please go out and VOTE he really needs it.:smile:

Vote for that sexy Greek boy woops Sorry but anyways if you were like me you like Constantine but you don't vote but you should realize that Its getting to the area were you really need to vote so please vote!

I didn't like that last

I didn't like that last comment, its really...cliche. :bomb:

Anyway, I voted for Constantine a couple of times.
good luck! :wink:

well constantine is the

well constantine is the best. being canadian i can't vote but he truly rocks my world. praying he wins.