Dollars and Senseless

I'm not a very violent person. If I could go through my life without physical confrontation, that would be fine by me. I rarely wish to beat the living bejeezus out of someone.

But if I could have just 10 minutes alone in a room with these "parents"...

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You're missing the point.

You're missing the point. At least it wasn't two gay men adopting kids. Now that would have been a tragedy.

No, they are undated photos

No, they are undated photos released just after the start of the manhunt. I live just a few miles from where this occured, and I think that makes this feel even more disgusting to me. I've said to some of my friends that thinking about this even frightened me. The windchimes on the closet door. Things like that are supposed to exist only in horror movies.

From the articles I have read so far, it's clear that the Dollars weren't the kids' birth parents. Did they adopt or were they foster parents?

:no: That's just


That's just unbelievable. Disgusting.

What's with the smug in the photo? are those their mugshots?

1) ``What now? I'm going to

1) ``What now? I'm going to call some hard pipe hitting n*s to go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. You heard me right, hillbilly boy, I'm going to get medieval on your a**''. That pretty much describes what I'd say to these ``parents'' had I been their arresting officer (the quote courtesy of Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction).

2) Onto the relevant part, how can these monsters be stopped in an anarchist society? Don't get me wrong, I'm a libertarian and would like to live in a society that's as close to a libertarian society as possible, but what market mechanisms are there to resist this sort of child abuse? What incentive would a protection agency have to watch for these monsters? Again, this isn't ment to be an attack on libertarianism, but I'd like to see how this point could be addressed.

Presumably you could argue that the state had a role in this -- in putting the kids in these animals' (hey, can we have them share a cell with Lindy England and Charles Granier?) foster care, and in addition several libertarians have suggested allowing teenages to emancipate themselves from parental car -- but how would this be enforced in a fully anarchist society (and yes, I understand that the job the government does, as shown by this case is already performed inadequately).

In addition, as you probably have heard these twerps homeschooled ``their'' kids, so we also have to watch out for arguments that home schooling isolates kids from adult super vision -- but of course, from a numeric point more kids have been tortured by bullies in public school (I've had my head smashed into a locker to near the point of concussion and have read of kids tormented in other, horrible ways; not to mention many PE teachers *did* take a sadistic delight in their job, anyone can attest to that), molested by faculty and so on -- and not to mention home schoolers generally *do* organize social / academic events where this could be countered.

I'm glad this issue gets circulated in libertarian blogs, so the issue of dealing with child abuse in a libertarian society can be addressed. And I think, a blog with a more consequentialist outlook -- such as this, may be a better place to deal with this -- rather than shoot a reply in the form of "there's no ethical right to tell parents what to do, that would be initiation of force".

There should be no question

There should be no question about *whether* these people would be dealt with an anarchist society. Only a statist society could possibly protect such people. In an anarchy, they would most likely die quite quickly, after the people involved made reasonably sure that what they think happened actually did happen. After all, if someone lynched them and it turned out they were innocent... well, people don't take too kindly to murder.

This is of course assuming a rural society without a whole lot of institutions. In an urban anarchy, you'd probably see something rather similar to what you'd see in a statist society, only faster and with less BS. Oh, and the Dollars would have turned themselves in rather than risk being "picked up" in a less "friendly" jurisdiction.