Who do I owe?

Lisa Casanova writes in the comments to this post

One of the posters asserted that there’s really no foundation for saying “I earned this, it’s mine", because you’ve never really earned anything without the help of other people. Without others, you would never have gotten to the point where you have the capability to earn anything (you wouldn’t be educated, etc), so there really is no such thing as “I did this myself.”

Well, Lisa, I am glad you pointed out this bit of a problem. The problem with this logic is that assumes no trade is ever complete. I willingly and joyfully concede that my entire existence is because of the good will of millions of people. Or rather, their own self interest that drives them to make me better off in exchange for me making them better off. I owe no debt to my teachers, they received a salary in exchange for lecturing while I ignored them. (I never let schooling get in the way of my education!) Do I owe Daimler-Chrysler a huge chunk of my current assets because without my Dodge SUV I wouldn't have been able to get to my current job? No, I paid them, it was a fair exchange, the deal is done. Yes, we are both better off, I thank them very much and am glad they do what they do, but I owe them nothing more. Likewise no previous employer owes me anything, we settled on a compensation package and a set of duties, we both fulfilled our contracts.

I do owe various family members quite a bit, but how does this equate to taxes? If I owe my parents everything, how do any of the folks over at Left2Right or any government agent get a claim to it?

I think the Left owes a positive explanation of how any individual gets rights to the property I develop (or trade for) for myself.

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It's "Whom do I owe?"

It's "Whom do I owe?" ARGH

- Josh

'Whom' has gone the way of

'Whom' has gone the way of 'thee' and 'thou'. Good riddance!

Josh, I have no problem

Josh, I have no problem casting away old words that are no longer useful. Although, now that I know improper usage of 'who' and 'whom' gets on your nerves...Bwa-ha-ha-ha! :twisted:

‘Whom’ has gone the way

‘Whom’ has gone the way of ‘thee’ and ‘thou’. Good riddance!

How do you sleep at night? I'm choking with rage!

- Josh

"I ain't got no talkin'

"I ain't got no talkin' problem what I don't got under control anywise."

That's what I always say.