If you value a good movie more than any other marginal purchase you could make with the eight bucks, let me recommend the excellent Closer, starring everyone's favorite (or, well, at least mine) Natalie Portman.

It also marked the first time (in my memory) where Julia Roberts played an unsympathetic character. Not quite the "Denzel Washington in Training Day" level, but she did well in the unchartered territory. Tangentially, the opening song in the film led me to purchase Damien Rice's "O," featuring two songs from the film and a handful of other good tunes. You'll thank me later.

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I thought Clive Owen stole

I thought Clive Owen stole every scene he was in. I really enjoyed this movie.

My thoughts exactly, Luca.

My thoughts exactly, Luca. However, he is nowhere near as hot as Portman. And, it's hard to say he stole the scene where she strips for him. "Held his own," maybe, but not "stole."

Well... shit. I must amend

Well... shit. I must amend my statement. "Clive Owen stole every scene he was in, except the one in which Ms. Portman strips." Goddamn she is hot.


That's better.

That's better.