American Idol Las Vegas

Finally an episode not dedicated to the worst America has to offer!!! Last night's episode was about a 50/50 split between good and bad contestants (of what we were shown), instead of the usual 30/70 or 20/80. There were many great female singers. My favorite, though definitely not the strongest singer of the night, was Amanda Avila. She's a Vegas show girl and sang "I wanna love you forever." She had a strong rich voice, and a fun personality on top of that.

Next was Emily Neves who sang two songs. The first almost got her cut. She started with "Girls just want to have fun," which she sang a little too loud and hit a few bad notes. Luckily Paula asked her to sing another song. Emily's second song was "Different Drum," which she directed at Simon to great results:

You and I travel to the beat of a different drum
Oh, can't you tell by the way I run -Simon
Every time you make eyes at me, wo-oh
You cry and moan and say it will work out
But honey child I've got my doubts
You can't see the forest for the trees

The next great female of the night was Sharon Galvez who sang "Saving All My Love." Sharon had a power house voice and a lot of personality. Finally there was Jennifer Todd. We got treated to a long segment regarding how nervous and self-conscious she was, to which I thought "okay you better get over that fast."

Anyhow she had a very deep soulful voice and sang Alicia Keye's "If I ain't got you." I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Jennifer's take on different music genre's. I'm thinking Stevie Wonder and Elton John. She has a very impressive voice, one that I think will run circles around last season's Jennifer (Jennifer Hudson).

As for the guys I thought there were two worth mentioning. The first was Mario Vasquez who sung "Whatever Happens" and had a very sweet and smooth voice. (Funny how this show seems to select for males with high voices and females with low voices). I didn't find him that interesting after hearing all the aspiring divas earlier in the episode but he certainly wasn't bad. The other was Mathew Falber who sang "I just can't wait to be king." I suspect if Mathew had sung something less animated he would have gotten through. Unfortunately (for the show though perhaps not for him) the judges critique was that he wasn't ready. I disagreed with that. Mathew had a nice voice and was a talented performer. Why he thought he needed to be on American Idol I have to wonder. As Kenny Loggins pointed out musical theater would likely be a better place, and what this show likes to tip toe around is this idea that the best singers in america are on the show. Its simply not true. America's best singers are in theaters and opera houses. Believe it or not the "great" talent in this country does not typically go in for pop music.

Finally I thought I would mention Mikahlah Gordon who sang "Lullaby of Birdland" (I think that was the name). Anyhow she could sing well and was a good performer. I just really didn't like her much. It might have been the song or her voice, but something really didn't jive with me. If I'd been a judge I would have sent her through anyway though, purely on the basis that she could sing and perform well, since it is (and should be) ultimately up to America to decide stylistically who is the best. Of course I didn't like Fantasia at the beginning of last season but was completely converted on "country night" - so who knows?

One other thing: Kenny Loggins was a great guest judge. He actually far outshined the other judges with his critiques, and he seemed like he was holding back on top of that. I hope he is back on future episodes. In fact I wonder how much longer Randy Jackson is going to be around. American Idol could certainly use a judge in the future who doesn't claim he's "fency" when he can't make up his mind, and then promptly make up his mind once he's heard what Simon and Paula have to say. 95% of the time the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes me wonder "and why are you a judge?"

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He's a judge because of his

He's a judge because of his inane "I feel ya, daaaawwwwgg!" schtick. Good god, that "dawg" jargon was popular back in the day, when Snoop & Dre were starting out. Ya know, tha Dawg Pound Gangstaz (DPG!). Randy plays it up like he's "down with the yunguns' lingo", but he reminds me more of an out-of-touch parent using the term "rad".

Other than that, as I noted earlier, he's just there to balance out Cowell's incessant negativity with his incessant positivity. There have been some baaaad auditions where Randy's been "feelin them".

Huh? Oh, sorry. "Feelin' them, Dawg".

In response to "Why he

In response to "Why he thought he needed to be on American Idol I have to wonder," - yikes, where to begin. Well, have you ever tried to get any sort of paying job in any sort of entertainment field? Speaking as someone who has, numerous times, I can tell you that, with the exception of obviously stupid moves like playing Klan rallies or something, YOU TAKE ANY BREAK YOU CAN GET. It doesn't matter how talented or unique you are; making more than pocket change as a performing artist is like winning the damn lottery in terms of odds. :wall: I actually wasn't at all surprised to see the lead singer of a band auditioning on the first episode - no matter how good his band was, their chances of making even a poverty-level living were infinitesimal. At least now his chances are 2 in 10 million rather than 1 in 10 million (assuming his band takes him back if he doesn't go all the way on AI). :sweat: True, it's not a wonderful thing to do artistically, and if you DO parlay AI success into a music career you're going to be fighting the stigma in some circles for the rest of you life, but auditioning for AI makes a whole lot more sense than NOT auditioning for AI if you have any desire not to have to have a day job.

were excited to hear that

were excited to hear that another filipina shines in last episode of american idol. were very proud of you Zhar. keep rockin

Sharon "Zhar" Galvez rocks!

Sharon "Zhar" Galvez rocks! We support you all the way honey

I never heard Sharon Galvez

I never heard Sharon Galvez sing, but everybody seem to like her, and she's a Filipina, so what's not to like? :cool:

I really feel bad that

I really feel bad that Sharon Galvez didnt make it to the cut(wherein they selected 44), my assessment to her performance was excellent enough for the judges, she belted out again another Whitney Houston song (Greatest Love of All), for me she is far better than the other contestants, they have the good looks but they dont have the VOICE! Sharon is a victim of unfair, biased judging.....! SHARON ur still the best!

Sharon Galvez should not be

Sharon Galvez should not be disliked by the judges. The judges are so insecure and they know that they can be dethroned by the American Idol contestants. Before the show comes out, the rules should be established. Is there a rule that Sharon should be disqualified because she was a singer ten years ago? She was a kid at that time and it was already a very long time ago. This is a sign of insecurities to people who disqualified Sharon Galvez. It shows that the judges are not yet ready to be a judge in this aspect.

The judges should attend a workshop in "How to Judge the Contestants?" So be it.

i wasn't able to watch

i wasn't able to watch American Idol last week. Why did Sharon Galvez get disqualified? Is it because the judges didnt like her or b/c she was disqualified b/c she was a singer 10 yrs ago?

I cried the first time i

I cried the first time i heard MARIO VASQUEZ he has a voice that melts the soul

I know it's too late for me

I know it's too late for me to reply but I also thought Sharon Galvez was a great singer and I have seen her performing since she was a member of Smokey Mountain. I don't think the reason why she was disqualified is because she was a singer when she was young. Bo Bice has been performing since he was young too and has his own band, even Constantine Maroulis who received a special award from Billboard few years ago, so why did they get pick by the judges?

I think the reason why she's disqualified is because they don't think she has the potentials to "sell enough" here in this country. They're merely looking for an "idol" who would be appealing and has charisma.