Open source antivirus for Windows

Recently I got a new laptop for work, so I gave my old one to my wife. Since she didn't want to learn two new OSes at the same time (she was on a Mac) and she did want to play World of Warcraft, I wiped Linux off the machine and left only XP. Since I had only used XP for the rare occasions where I needed to walk people through XP things or I needed to run Office for those documents that OpenOffice doesn't handle yet, or to build Windows executables of Python apps, I didn't have a virus scanner installed.

I considered installing AVG antivirus since it's free for desktop use, but it's adware. I've been using "ClamAV": onmy mail server for a couple years, so I went looking for a Windows port. By golly, I found one! "ClamWin": is a port of ClamAV to Windows. It doesn't do on-access scanning, but it integrates nicely with Explorer so you can just right click on a file and choose "scan for viruses," and it will do scheduled scans of your whole system. Combined with virus scanning on your mail gateway and conscientiousness about scanning downloaded files before running them, this should protect you from viruses just fine.

I haven't yet found an extension for Firefox or Thunderbird that will scan your downloads/attachments automatically when they are done downloading, but maybe someone will write one soon.

So now my wife's laptop has open source office tools (OpenOffice), open source graphics editing (GIMP), open source web browsing (Firefox), open source email (Thunderbird), open source IM (Gaim), open source CD ripping/burning (CDex), and open source antivirus. In fact, the only non-open-source components on the system are the OS and the commercial games!

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Despite this, people still

Despite this, people still believe that MS is a monopoly that needs to be broken up.

How good is ClamAV/ClamWin

How good is ClamAV/ClamWin about updating virus defs?

If she plays World of

If she plays World of Warcraft, it's hard to imagine she'll have time to do anything else on the computer.

I've been using ClamWin for

I've been using ClamWin for a little while now. I have it run a system scan every night, and occasionally using for scanning individual files I've downloaded. As far as I can tell (since I've set it to automatically keep updated), it updates on a semi-daily basis. It pops up a message from it's spot on the system tray letting me know it's been updated. So I've been really quite impressed with it's operation, especially the automatic updating of virus definitions.