I love happy endings

A couple criminals thought that robbing a country store owned and managed by an older couple would probably be an easy job. Now the thugs are taking eternal dirt naps.

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:sweat: thats the most

:sweat: thats the most beautiful ending to a story i've heard in years.

Good riddance to thieving

Good riddance to thieving scum. :behead:

But, is it the end? Or . .

But, is it the end? Or . . . will one of the gunman's second cousin's illegitimate children sue the store owners for pain, suffering, and loss of future Christmas gifts from stolen cash? ;)

Good thing this happened in

Good thing this happened in rural Georgia. Had this went down in a more "progressive" part of the country, the couple would probably be facing murder/manslaughter charges, and politicians would be stumping about the need for more restrictions on firearms.

This kind of thing does more

This kind of thing does more to deter crime than Old Sparky. Just another example of how the private sector is more effective than government in the management of social order. I would advise these nice folks to reload and wait in ambush for the lawyers.

hahahahaha i'm crackin

hahahahaha i'm crackin up:grin: i almost can't believe the frankness of her comment, "i was just tryin' to blow his brains out". in our insane liberal guilt/media world, who would dare utter something like that? your right, i hope she unloads a whole clip into the first lawyer that gets in her face.