American Idol New Orleans... or not.

So I was all set to watch tonights episode of American Idol, in fact both BilLee (my fiance) and myself had been particularly looking forward to the New Orleans episode -as he is from southern Lousianna. When as it turns out someone, who shall remain nameless, accidentally disconnected the tivo from the t.v. several days ago and failed to mention this to those it might concern (me and BilLee). So I had a whole lot of nothing recorded on Tivo and American Idol was about 20 minutes long gone. :wall:

So there is no New Orleans recap :cry2: . For those of you that saw it feel free to post your comments (if any) on the episode as I am interested in hearing them. Otherwise stay tuned for tomorrow night as I am assured the tivo shall not fail again. I may just program my VCR to ensure that that is the case.

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Oye, nothing else on, and I

Oye, nothing else on, and I didn't feel like reading, so I did catch Merkin Idol last night. This is the first one I've seen this season, so I can't speak from too much relevant perspective, but it was bad. It seems like there are way too few people who are serious, and way too many people who are auditioning to be the next Billy Hung.

Not to mention that Cowell really seems like he'd rather be anywhere but there. His "asshole" schtick use to be sort of entertaining, now he's just a bitter old curmudgeon who looks like he just can't wait till the auditions are over so that he can saunter down the street and park his ass on a barstool. Instead of being an entertaining hardass, he's just become a bastard who seems to only derive pleasure from making people feel bad.

At one point, twins came in to audition who weren't very good. Paula and Randy liked them, but Simon and Gene Simmons (who also looked like he'd rather be anywhere but there) said no. So Simon says, "well, if you could choose one of them, then could you make a choice?" Paula and Randy said yes, so they told the guys to stand apart, and then voted again, individually, and Simon still said no to both of them; the entire thing was just a charade to humiliate the kids. It pissed Paula and Randy off so much that they just got up and left. [though, according to the previews, one of the twins will be back tomorrow]

There were a few good ones, but only 16 total. I swear, they only showed like 2 or 3 good ones; the rest of the show was devoted to weirdos and Hung wannabees. There was a kid who was the spitting image of the AV club nerd from Family Guy. He was horrific. Yeah, haha, funny, he sucked bad, and he was a big nerd, now let's see what kind of self-righteous crack Simon makes...the whole formula is just getting tired. Even the judges seem tired. I swear Paula was on drugs [she was "hypnotized" by the aforementioned twins doing a rather shoddy rendition of Boyz II Men's "I'll make love to you"]. Randy loves everyone [which seems like a conscious strategy to offset Cowell's incessant rejections]. And Gene Simmons looked like he was on the ass-end of a 2-week bender.

Terrible. Rainbough, you didn't miss a thing.

Oh, and speaking of

Oh, and speaking of technology problems...

WTTG Fox sucks. I dunno if it's our local Adelphia, or if it's originating @ the Wash. DC WTTG feed, but the sound on Fox is awful. It sounds like it's coming through blown speakers. This makes it pretty difficult to judge a singing competition.



Yeah the early episodes

Yeah the early episodes typically suck. I'm sick of the cheesy human interest stories. Plus what we do not see is that there are like 5 or 6 call backs before anyone goes before the judges which means that they are not only selecting for the best, they are also selecting for the worst. Imagine getting a call back because the preliminary judges thought you were so bad they should put you on television.


In other words most of these people are just cheap entertainment.

Anyone can help me? I have

Anyone can help me? I have some questions and maybe someone can answer it. What did the successful contestants in New Orleans American Idol sang especially with the guy who sang a very old song by Loiuie Armstrong? You know, the guy whose mom and pop were musicians in nearby music bars? What's the title of the song and who sang it? Please email me at for the answer. or just post it here or in my blogsite

Thanks everyone. YB MAsdal of Philippines.