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Last week introduced the Cincinnati radio-listening market to Jerry Springer's inaugural radio talk show. A show that is slated to be syndicated in Detroit and other cities. Springer places himself firmly in the liberal-Democrat camp, and shares the radio station with other left-leaning broadcasters such as Air Americans Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. This, despite the presence of the Advocates for Self-Government website claiming Springer “nodded his head affirmatively” when once asked if he was a libertarian.


I admit it. I’ve watched a fair share of Jerry Springer’s raucous daytime 'tabloid' show. At the end of each show is the short Jerry’s Final Thoughts segment, in which Jerry gives a moralistic and intellectual angle to what we've just witnessed during the previous 55 minutes. I generally noticed that Jerry's final thoughts usually centered around responsibility, self-improvement, and individual decision-making. If a 400-pound guest was on his show, his message wasn't that the government should step in and enact laws to ensure obesity doesn't happen, the message was usually "Stop Eating". In other words, I had guessed that Springer viewed his guests as being mostly responsible for the predicaments they were in. With Springer looking to become a fixture on left-wing radio where big-government policies are worshipped, it appears I guessed wrong?

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I watched his show a bit

I watched his show a bit too, and found myself usually agreeing with the thoughts at the end. He has a lot of freaks and weirdos on his show, and I liked the combination of him saying things like "Hey, these people should be able to be weird" to most of them, and "Except when being weird means being irresponsible and hurting people" to those that deserved it. Basically the conservative libertarian angle, it seemed to me.

Oh, it's entirely

Oh, it's entirely possible...indeed, probable...that Springer is a libertarian. But hey, in this day and age, being a "libertarian commentator" don't git you the ratings, chief. The "Red vs Blue" has become something remeniscent of a cross-town sports rivalry, and everyone's tuning in to see the score. So, pick your sides, and you write your own check to fame. Look at Dennis Miller. Look at Al Franken. They chose sides, and, while they've now been relegated to mouthpieces of their respective parties, they're still on the air. If Springer went all LP on us, you can be sure he'd be relegated to some mid-west AM station within a few weeks. Because, in a cross-town rivalry, siding with us libertarians is like siding with the chess team.

Neal Boortz is openly

Neal Boortz is openly libertarian, and he's doing fine. I imagine he's doing better than most of the Air America folks. OTOH, as we saw last year, a lot of 'libertarians' don't consider him libertarian either, so whaddyagonnado. (other than retire the term libertarian and continue to poach liberal from the 'Progressives' who are leaving the term behind)

Brian: Boortz calls himself


Boortz calls himself a libertarian and supported the LP in 2000 but he is also ardently pro-war which led him to strongly support Bush this year. He hammers the war issue with zeal and jingoism (even extreme by Bushite standards) and constantly attacks "the Democrats" as the main evil in society. With rare exceptions, he does not criticize Bush (even on domestic issues) or the GOP. True, he defends the rights of gays occasionally but a Bush supportor listening to his show would find relatively little to complain about.