American Idol St. Louis

Apparently there were quite a few talented singers at the St. Louis audtion, and apparently the producers of the show decided to share only 2 or 3 of them (depending on who you ask) with us. Most of last nights episode was dedicated to showing us absolutely clueless people demonstrate how tone deaf they were. One girl sang somewhere over the rainbow on approximately 2 notes. Then a guy named Dirk (no kidding... his name was Dirk) sang us a tune by his favorite artist: David Hasselhof (sp?)... Thus far Dirk is my pick for the William Hung, most likely to get an album for being terrible award. :eek:

As for the good talent, in my opinion, there were only two of them (that we saw): Osborne Smith Jr., and Carrie Underwood. Carrie is definitely the best female singer we've seen thus far in the competition. She sang Bonnie Raitt also, and was easily good enough to sing her own acapella album. For the most part though, you didn't miss anything if you missed the St. Louis episode, there wasn't even a guest judge there to make the other judges seem more interesting. :sad:

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Actually, I predict that the

Actually, I predict that the pressure to find the next William Hung will cause someone who is mediocre but not comically horrible to be signed and portrayed as the latter. Which will make him or her even more pathetic than William Hung.

i think that deandre

i think that deandre perryman should be the next american idol

Carrie Underwood is the best

Carrie Underwood is the best one there she is going to win it all!! Go Carrie we love you back home!!! love Tegan & Daniel Snider

I agree Carrie will win it

I agree Carrie will win it all. Her star will shine bright & long!

:dizzy: You know I just


You know I just really don't get the whole internet shout-out thing. I mean you aren't on television and while many people may be reading this its incredibly unlikely that the person you are "shouting" to is.

Plus I'm always curious as to whether the people who do that don't actually know the person and are just pretending to... for example:

"Clay Aiken is the best Idol ever!!! Hey Clay remember that time we got in trouble for throwing gum in class and it got stuck in that girl's hair. That was soooooo funny. Anyhow I know you're album is going to be the best ever... love Rainbough!!!"

That's right I know clay and several other four letter words...


And another thing... We have

And another thing... We have like two more weeks of round 1 auditions... It sooooooo premature to be saying "so-in-so is going to win it all" "So-in-so will be the next American Idol."

I mean I thought carrie was great but why not wait and see what her competition is before making bold declarations about who's going to win?

I think a guy from New Orlean will win... you haven't seen him yet but trust me when you do you'll know what I'm talking about... In fact when I see him I'll know what I'm talking about... :lol:

:grin: Just Kidding.


TEGAN SNIDER!! I have a question for you. Do you know Carrie Underwood personally? I was just wondering. I also feel she'll win. They can stop the contest now. Anyway, my name is Mike, and I was just curious if you knew her. My email is if you want to just respond to that instead. Look forward to hearing from ya? Thx


I went to school with Dirk

I went to school with Dirk and havent even seen the clip but if it was anyhting like the way he acted in school then I am sure it was quite a showI am however surprised he didnt sing the Power Ranger theme song it was his favorite in school (high school) lol

In my opinion Aa'shia

In my opinion Aa'shia Jackson was the best, she shined and sounds like a young Michael Jackson. People can say what they want, but even if she doesn't win her album will out sell any American Idol they choose. Carrie Underwood was ok, but Osbourne Smith was horrible, he was too loud. Aa'shia is going to prove all the haters wrong.

Hey Carrie fans. I'm James,

Hey Carrie fans. I'm James, I run, come check us out. We have several of her friends that are members.

I've watched all 4 shows and so far, I don't think they've found anyone better. As good, maybe, but we know she has been singing for awhile now at local venues. Her solo performance was great, I can only imagine what it will be like with a band to back it up. Will there be someone better? Maybe, you can't predict these things, but when she walked onto the set for her audition I said to the wife, "If she can just carry a tune, she'll go pretty far". Wow! Done! They can go ahead and give out the awards and move on to the record contract. There might be someone better, save them for AI5.

I still am amazed by

I still am amazed by Carrie's performance! She is deffently my favorite and if she doesn't win I'll think American Idol is a joke. She doesn't even have to go through all this stuff she should be a singer all ready! Not only is she pretty she has a voice better than Kelly Clarkson and eveybody else who won American Idol. This is the first time I agree with Simon That Carrie is a very talented women. She has my vote everyday. Good luck!!!

Who is Carrie UNderwood!? I

Who is Carrie UNderwood!? I completely missed that episode....but I support Anthony Fedorov. He is sooo cool.

I watch Idols in Malaysia,

I watch Idols in Malaysia, and so far I think Carrie definitely has the best singing qualities.



I think Aa'shia Jackson was

I think Aa'shia Jackson was the best out of everyone who auditioned in all the cities. She had loads of talent and confidence. She is defenitely a star, and even though she was cut this week,:bigcry: I know she will be coming out with an alblum that will be ten times better than whoever wins the title of American Idol, Aa'shia is the best. You go girl!!!!!!! She brought the character and the talent that a show like that needs, but soon enough she's gonna please the world with her talent, wait and see. I'm anticipating what she will do. Anyone who agrees with me feel free to email me so we can talk about her, if you love her too.:smile:

hey jennifer e-mail me about

hey jennifer e-mail me about aa'shia i can't seem to find her audition clip anywhere and dont know your email mines

sorry typo it's

sorry typo it's

Aa'shia Jackson iz tha best.

Aa'shia Jackson iz tha best. she will get an album n she iz tha best... need i say moa?

Yesterday, CNN reported that

Yesterday, CNN reported that TLC is holding auditions to replace Lisa Lopez. I think Aa'shia Jackson would be a perfect fit for the group. She has the confidence and the talent. So, Aa'shia GO FOR IT!.

i think she'd be good for

i think she'd be good for TLC too. I mean rap and sing. It's perfect. but i wonder if she'd want to. She said that more b/c the biggest challenge for her was working in the groups b/c she's more of a solo artsi, and id like to see her have her own alblum, but if she does join tlc that would be cool. i guess we'll find out what she'll do. just stay strong 4 her.
my email: luvin_Aa',
any fans of her can email me, id be happy to talk tp ppl who like her and feel what im talkin about.

I think she was great that

I think she was great that eposide of american idol. I agree with the judges. She is a very good singer!

:lol: Carrie is the best


Carrie is the best that American Idol has ever had

Vote for Carrie to night

she is the best

I think Aa'shia is Godsent

I think Aa'shia is Godsent and she WILL make it with or without American Idol. I agree with mom 100%. She's gonna shock the world, and Aa'shia Jackson will be a universal language!!!!!!!!!! Michael Jackson; Aa'shia Jackson.......Sounds good to me. Keep on keepin on i'm proud of you Aa'shia.

i agree with the above by

i agree with the above by marci, once again i say i know she is gonna do big things with her talent, im just waiting. aa'shia will always be #1 America doesn't know what they are missing since the judges didn't put her thru. That was a HUGE mistake. im stayin strong for Aa'hia, i hope all you other Aa'shia fans will too. again feel free to emai lme at luvin_Aa' see ya:smile:

I would like to remind you

I would like to remind you that just because the name "Carrie Underwood" was mentioned in this post does not mean that "Carrie":

visits this site... reads these comments... has anything to do with this site... knows this site exist... knows this post exists... cares enough about what's being written on the internet to bother coming and reading your comments... etc.


Whats Up Carrie? I love

Whats Up Carrie? I love you!:smitten::kiss: My dad loves you too.:smitten::kiss: Me and my dad hope you win. I think that you are so pretty and wish I could look just like you. You are the best. Someday I hope I can meet you. You Rock! I will vote for you all the time. Your Biggest Fan!:cool::wink::grin::smile:

Hi yall... i just wanted to

Hi yall... i just wanted to let yall know that i went to highschool with carrie and she was one of my good friends... there were 5 of us and we were called the 5clickchicks... haha... it was in highschool and i dont know what we were thinkin... but aniway... carrie is an awesome person and me and her sang in the talent show together... yall vote for her and support her cause i love her with all my heart! yall keep faith in her cause i know shes gonna sell alotta records! cant wait!

wendy young

i'll post pics of me and her at the talent show soon!!!

Well, i am from asia and i

Well, i am from asia and i watch this american idol. The very first show i watched was the one in which carrie participated. I thought this girl had something in her, something quite special that actuall set apart her from the rest. Now, she is the american idol. Congrata to her. Hey, by the way does someone know her really well and i would loto know such persons and it would be an honour. U can contact me at or

yea i always predicted that

yea i always predicted that carrie would win the idol from the audition she did