I'm not neglecting the debate I've tried to (re)start with regard to medical paternalism and prescription gatekeeping with Chris Rangel, et al. I will hopefully get to that tomorrow. In the meantime, let me move this from Lisa Casanova up from the comments to the top shelf:

Paternalism rests on the assumption that you know better than I know what I should do for my own health, and thus it follows automatically that you have the right to act as gatekeeper for my medical decisions. It seems to me that this leads to the idea that if anyone can claim that they are better able to make any decision for me better than I can for myself, then the burden is on me to prove that they cannot.

That is the "unspoken assumption" I was alluding to from the get-go. I was hoping Rangel would address it in is posts and comments instead of merely restating his case a few miles past The Fundamental Underlying Assumption.

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