Leinart Delays Goldmine

USC Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart has decided to forgo the NFL draft, in which he might have been the #1 pick, to play one last season in college:

"I realized the opportunity right now to support my family by going to the NFL early, but to me I think college football and this whole atmosphere here and being with my friends and my teammates ... is ultimately more satisfying and will make me happier than any amount of money could make someone happy."

Almost immediately, sports columnists lauded the decision, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer to the Napa Valley Register to the Fort Dodge (Iowa) Messenger. Writers called Leinart's decision "refreshing", indicating he "made the right choice" and it "scored one for Joe College".

Matt's decision is his own, and I do hope his endgame is finding success at the professional level. But the glowing reports of staying in college wouldn't have been written about me if I were the Heisman Trophy winner being sought after by the NFL. I'd take the money and run. One ligament tear or broken bone late in the season, and who knows? Not only is the dream of taking one snap in the NFL now in jeopardy, but guaranteeing myself, my parents, brother, and future wife of being financially set for life is now on shaky ground. Best wishes to Matt. But while college life is indeed fun, if a major corporation had offered me millions to join their staff after my junior year at Western Michigan University, I'd kiss Kalamazoo good-bye.

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College was fun and all, but

College was fun and all, but I think I could have a lot more fun with millions of dollars.



People always make a big

People always make a big deal about the potential of getting injured when an athlete stays in college instead of entering the pros early, but is there an instance where this has actually ever happened?
Kenyon Martin returned to Cincy for his senior year and broke his leg, but he still was the number one pick in the NBA draft.
I can't think of anyone who has come back to finish college and had a career ending injury.



I can’t think of anyone

I can’t think of anyone who has come back to finish college and had a career ending injury.

Anthony Poindexter, a safety at UVA in the mid-90's, would have been a sure-fire 1st round pick had he left after this junior year. But he came back and got hurt, and his career fizzled out. The decision to come back cost him millions.

Insurance. Most of the


Most of the insurance policies I've seen don't cover anywhere near the amount the athlete would earn as a first round draft pick, i.e., for Leinart it would be about $50 million if last year's top QB Eli Manning is any indication.