A Vlogosphere?

From a company called Serious Magic:

Think video. Think regular Joes and Marys acting like Dan Rather, broadcasting personal video newscasts from their kitchen counters and living room sofas.

Vlog It, a new video-creation software program, helps people create a video blog or "vlog" with TV-quality graphics, transitions and titles. Users type in text, picking from pre-designed templates and then talk away in front of their computer or laptop, looking directly at a Web cam attached their monitor. The software records them, compresses and formats the video, and then automatically arranges fancy overlays and transitions. When done, bloggers upload their resulting video file to a blogging Web site.
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I'm not keen on the idea for

I'm not keen on the idea for my blog, but it if takes off it could have some evolutionary aspects to it that might be beneficial:

1. People would have an incentive to polish up their speaking and presentation skills if they knew that a potential audience of millions might be viewing their blog.

2. It would put further pressure on tech companies to drop the costs of bandwidth and storage in order to provide those services to a sudden influx of bloggers who want to save and play video online.

3. Hot females reveal themselves for bigger readership numbers! Woo!

[yawn] Three words:


Three words: GeoCities On Video.

There's a future in

There's a future in "vlogging", but it's in actual amateur journalism. Successfully vlog posts would have names like "Here's my footage from today's protest", or "Watch me try to get an answer from the city bureaucrats about why they're tearing down my house."

If you can sit in front of your computer and say it, you should probably just type it.

Won't work until there is

Won't work until there is far more broadband penetration. Video compression needs to be better, the reproduction systems need to be better and bandwidth has to become cheaper.

Looking forward to it, like

Looking forward to it, like I do most technology. I'd blog more, to say the least. I like to talk. And I'm drop-dead gorgeous. It's a win-win.

Umm... anyway, I'd like to see someone post about Airbus' proposal to construct and operate a aircraft assembly plant in the United States. Now there's a topic.