Authoritarian Quote of the Day

Voluntary donations? We don't need no stinkin' voluntary donations. Or so believes Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian:

Maybe we ought to turn to the big companies and say: you can no longer have it both ways. Either you give as generously as we do - or we will take it off you in tax. Either way, it's time to start paying.

(Via Samizdata)

On a related note, here's a nice article that details the charitable donations being given to the tsunami relief effort by major corporations. Just something to have in your back pocket in the next debate with your anti-capitalist/anti-corporate friend on 'May Day'.

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There can't be much more

There can't be much more that is hurtful to the person in need than to force benevolence where it is not freely given.

Of course, the amount given

Of course, the amount given by those corporations is ...

* ... clear evidence of how much they exploit their workers. Why don't they give them a raise, instead?

* ... our money! They expropriate from us through overpricing!

* ... used to buy their way into third world countries in a race to the bottom!

Sorry, I'm not sure if I was channeling Michael Moore, Indymedia, or John Edwards.

Response from these

Response from these companies? They will probably leave the UK... The Guardian does seem to be on a noxious roll in the past few days. Guess all had to sit at home alone on New Year's Eve.