And We\'ll All Float On Alright

Out of all the holidays, New Year's is my favorite. Not being much into the whole "higher power" thing effectively rules out enjoyment from a large chunk of holidays. Being suspicious of state power removes a few others. Of those that remain, New Year's takes the cake.

Why? Because it is essentially meaningless; an excuse to party. It does not mark the birth, death, or rebirth of any famous spiritual leader. No politician was born on it. It does not represent any movement. Even the day itself is nothing special in astronomy terms. It just so happens to be the first day in a calendar normalized with the goal of having a particular spring day be Easter.

And in spite of its meaninglessness, it is the culmination of a month long time-swath of celebration. Throw a party! Put on the funny hats. Imbibe. Throw colorful little pieces of paper at each other. Cheesy toasts. Hugs all around. Pass out on a couch, any couch. Wake up the next day in another state. Start on the same diet/fitness plan I've tried the last five years, but this time, mean it. Really. At least for a week or two. Promise self to do laundry more often than once a month. Revive the words "fresh" and "homes" back into the urban zeitgeist. Laugh with, not at, midgets. Stop telling college chicks that I'm Andre 3000's cousin. Err... nevermind.

Anyway, my 2004 was capped off with a nice New Year's Eve party at my friend and frequent commenter Spoonie Luv's place in DC. The highlight for me was watching an intoxicated Spoonie trying to convert some late straddler guests to libertarianism during the wee hours of the morning. We've created a monster.

That's two great years in a row for me. Life is good.

To all our readers, a belated Happy New Year!

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New Years Eve has usually been among my least favorite holidays. The central theme of its existence seems to ask, "Wow! How did another year go by that quickly?" Much like a birthday, its only real purpose is to remind us all of our ages, and how quickly life is passing by. Each time we write a check and have to remind ourselves to print "05", we'll think to ourselves that it only seemed like yesterday when we were still absent-mindedly writing "03". When we get right down to it, we celebrate all of the things we wanted to do in the previous year, but didn't have the time or motivation to do it. So we re-commit ourselves to do those things in 2005, only to blink our eyes and see that bulbous apple drop on TV for 2006. At 12:01 am on any January 1st, one of my first thoughts usually centers on how during this year my age will become x+1. These thoughts are usually surrounded by shrieking plastic noise-makers.

We stuff ourselves with turkey on Thanksgiving, get a sugar buzz around Halloween, and chow down on hot dogs on the Fourth of July. But when I take to the roads on the evenings of these holidays, I'm not concerned that someone's stomach filled with turkey legs, Milky Ways, or bratwursts are going to endanger my life. But on New Years Eve, the preferred intake of celebrators is alcohol. So, with the exception of St. Patrick's Day, New Years Eve is really the only holiday that raises our highway terror level to the next color. Add a little ice, snow, and sleet to the situation, and the fun really begins.

Then there are the lists. And more lists. And more lists. Flip on any cable channel or browse through any magazine leading up to the holiday, and you'll likely run into "The Top Infomercials of 2004" or "2,005 Hollywood Hookups to Look Out For in 2005" or something similar. Even the blogs aren't safe from endless lists (heh heh). After the onslaught of Best Of and Worst Of shows, the depressing lists of celebrities who died during the year, as well as flashbacks to the year's events you'd rather just forget (if I see NBA player Ron Artest rush the stands or Ashley Simpson's SNL segment one more time...), you'll be relieved when television returns to regularly scheduled programming on January 2nd.

New Years Eve is also rougher on those living in regions where the weather outside is frightful. NYE is the formal introduction into the darkest, coldest, and snowiest 2-3 months of the year. It's too bad this party couldn't have been around the Spring Equinox, where there'd really be something to celebrate. And once you've made it safely home past the drunks and through the freezing rain, you'll find a mailbox containing income tax forms.

Nah, New Years Eve is for the birds. I'm still reasonably young, but the days where I'll be in bed asleep by 11 pm on the last day of December are fast approaching.

[Note: I'm really not that pessimistic, I just wanted to satirically point out the other side. I do enjoy New Years Eve... to some extent] :grin:

I very much enjoy the site,

I very much enjoy the site, though i don't comment that much. I will try to remedy that in the new year.

Happy New Year to you,

Happy New Year to you, too!


A healthy, happy new year to

A healthy, happy new year to all the Catallarchists.