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Born in central NY State in 1947, I have a true generation gap separating me from the rest of the Catallarchy authors. When I took my first college programming course, MIT didn't even have a Computer Science department. Although programs were implemented with punch cards, it would be inaccurate to imply that the programs were executed on carpet looms.

Somewhat surprisingly, the generation gap seems to matter little for books, sports and politics, matters a bit more for movies and television, and is utterly a chasm for music, if the word still means the same thing. In any case, I am impressed on a daily basis by the quality of reasoning and output of my compatriots.

After splitting a quarter century of work between the consumer and industrial electronics segments, I retired from engineering in 1995, and subsequently took up the self-study of Austrian Economics, remaining in the North Shore region of the Boston area. My only previous exposure to economics was a single college course, whose minimal impact had thankfully long since worn off.

I find the appeal of Austrian Economics in its ring of truth relative to reality and its internal logical consistency. For me at least, an understanding of the Austrian viewpoint prior to encountering mainstream economic concepts one at a time has had the advantage of placing the mainstream concepts under a harsh and revealing spotlight that is not at all flattering for many.

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