UN: Tax and Donate

When Neal Boortz isn't occupying so much time covering the 2004 Election (thankfully that rhetoric has died down) and Iraq, he still hits the nail on the head in many other issues, such as his skewering of Jan Egeland. Egeland is the UN lackey who claims that the US's first installment of $15 million in aid for the horrible disaster in Southeast Asia is "stingy" and believes that politicians in the US and Europe should raise taxes, because the populace "want(s) to give more."

Of course, people like Egeland give no mention or little consideration to private charity and volunteerism, which has been flowing at full-steam since the disaster. The only aid worth noticing is whatever is forcibly funneled through government. 'Charity' is only worthwhile if it's collectively extracted. Meanwhile, limousine liberals and other assorted intellectuals continuously deride America's (a.k.a. capitalists') image claiming Westerners just aren't doing enough – or doing the wrong things – to win the "hearts and minds" of the world's poor, and disgruntled Muslims in particular (and Indonesia has large populations of both). Yet, massive private donations will either be ignored, or criticized for not being enough.

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Ugh. Talk about politcizing

Ugh. Talk about politcizing a tragedy. But hey, any stick to beat a dog, right?

Case in point, $617,562.57

Case in point, $617,562.57 in donations through amazon (to American Red Cross)in less than 24hrs after the option was posted.