Negligence unbound

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Richard Myers, just announced that the recent attack in Mosul that resulted in 22 deaths was carried out by a suicide bomber.

It's bad enough that the military planners out there had such a large concentration of vulnerable targets in one place. It's even worse that someone could get close enough to blow himself up in that place. It's still worse that the person or people responsible for such poor security--undoubtedly not the people killed in the attack--won't be held responsible for it by the military.

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I would cut our "military

I would cut our "military planners" some slack. If somebody is willing to kill themselves it becomes exponentially difficult to stop them because they are acting without regard to self-preservation.

in other instances, when our guards perform meticulous inspections of people, it actually makes more people vulnerable, usually other civilians waiting in line, to attack.

Agreed, SL. Suicide

Agreed, SL. Suicide bombers, just like the 9/11 terrorists, have the ultimate weapon. They are willing to consume their own lives to kill many others. That's a risk with p=1.00. It can't be satisfactorily defended.

This makes it seem like the

This makes it seem like the mess tent is just set up in the middle of some crowded area next to anyone and everyone walking by. I know that the threat of violence is no threat at all to a suicide bomber, but perhaps they could fence in the area and have some no man's land that attackers would have to cross. You can shoot the bomber dead before he's close enough to detonate. I don't know how this area was set up, but it was apparently not very well. You can bet no one's getting close to that mess tent now.

Now that you have ranted a

Now that you have ranted a bit, sit back and think out this situation. The previous comments are sufficient.

Here's the deal, Randall.

Here's the deal, Randall. You can't have perfect security from suicide attackers short of having all US troops permanently locked into fortresses.

And it's kind of hard to occupy a country from inside a fortress.

One of the perks of high

One of the perks of high rank: no responsibility for your actions, or lack thereof. Once you get past major, you can f*ck up and kill people with impunity.

Check out SFTT or Military Corruption and you will find plenty of examples.