Music and Movies of 2004

Taking a break from the socio-political/economics action for a while, I thought I'd offer my choice selections for my top recommended music and films of 2004...

(Not in any real order)

Top 10 Recommended CDs of 2004

1. Jem - "Finally Woken" ... Dido-esque vocals with a dub rhythm and grooving beat.
2. Buddahead - "Crossing the Invisible Line" ... If you like Oasis and Travis
3. Chungking - "We Travel Fast" ... Throwback lounge meets modern downtempo
4. Frontline Assembly - "Civilization" ... Anything released by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber gets added to my collection.
5. Afterlife - "Speck of Gold" ... Downtempo sound appropriate for hazy summers.
6. Zero 7 - "When it Falls" ... (See above comment)
7. Hem - "Eveningland" ... Alt. country and folk with outstanding female vocals a la Cowboy Junkies.
8. Nellie McKay - "Get Away From Me" - Jazzy, bluesy, catchy, and very clever (albeit somewhat lefty) social commentary from this 19-year-old.
9. Morrissey - "You Are the Quarry" ... Best CD from Moz since Your Arsenal.
10. Bebel Gilberto - "Bebel Gilberto" ... Brazillian bossa nova beats and vocals from one of the best.

* - Note: I still haven't picked up the debut CD from Franz Fernidand yet, which I surmise may well appear in my Top Ten. FF is similar to Interpol and Blur.

Five Recommended Films of 2004

2003 was a stronger year in my book, with such jewels as Shattered Glass, Lord of the Rings, the Station Agent, School of Rock, Whale Rider, etc. But here are a few '04 releases I enjoyed...

1. Sideways - Witty midlife-crises comedy that seems to marry the Odd Couple with Swingers. If you enjoyed Election, you'll enjoy this.
2. The Incredibles - Another Pixar gem.
3. The Bourne Supremacy - What the last five James Bond movies tried to be.
4. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - The best HP so far.
5. Kill Bill Vol. 2 - Worthy sequel to the first bloodbath.

Honorable mention: Open Water
Actually funnier than expected: Dodgeball
Read the book instead: Timeline
Best Documentary to rent: Promises

* - I still need to see Oceans 12, the follow up to the wonderful Oceans 11. But I'm always suspicious of sequels.

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What, no Mark Lanegan Band?

What, no Mark Lanegan Band? Crazy people.

Anyway, while I agree that it is Moz's best album in a long time, I'd still rather listen to an old Smiths disk. So, no, it wouldn't make my "best of" list for the year.

And while I'm at it, neither would Harry Potter. While it was a little better than I expected, none of the movies stand up to the books--they've all be disappointments to me. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would make a good replacement, part, though...

Hmm, I didn't think Bourne

Hmm, I didn't think Bourne Supremacy was that good, and I thought the Kill Bill movies were crap (but I'm aware that the latter opinion is somewhat unpopular). My favorite movies of the year were (in no particular order):

The Incredibles, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Shrek 2, Team America, I Heart Huckabees, Spiderman 2, Harry Potter.

Patri, You are wrong. Kill


You are wrong. Kill Bill is one of the greatest movies of the year, if not the decade. Those who disagree wear Nazi underpants.

How can a movie be good and

How can a movie be good and have Cameron Diaz in it?? :dizzy:

Cameron Diaz was in Kill

Cameron Diaz was in Kill Bill? :???:

I agree with Patri on the Bourne Supremacy. Shakycam + MTV Editing + Heavy Doses of Meth = massive headache by the end of the film. I literally couldn't tell what was going on in the last car chase, the cuts were 0.3 seconds or so. And to make it worse, the shakycam/quick cutting went on even when people were just chatting (no action). That kind of crap is one of many, many reasons why I can't & don't watch NYPD Blue.

The Incredibles is definitely on the Top 5 or Top 3 of the year. Absolutely brilliant.

The new HP kind of left me cold, but as Zombyboy said, all of them are kind of lacking. The newer HP had much better visuals/cinematography than the previous 2, however, and though I was wary, I liked it when all was said and done.

Speaking of KB 1-2, I had decided that I wasn't going to like it, but was forced to watch the 1st one, and I admit to being entertained.

Oh, my bad, it was Uma

Oh, my bad, it was Uma Thurman, not Diaz. Same difference. They're both obnoxious, shallow, disposable bimbos (whose characters always wind up being one-dimensional, often saccharine and simonpure, and never likeable) whom I'd love to throw through a plate glass window... :bomb:

I was really reaching to

I was really reaching to even select 5 films I thought were entertaining in 2004. It wasn't a pretty year all around. Though I didn't see many movies, most of the ones I did see were rather forgettable upon leaving the theater. Even the indie scene was pretty weak (David Mamet's "Spartan" was horribly disappointing, considering his earlier works in Glengarry Glen Ross, Spanish Prisoner, and Heist). Even Team America, despite my enjoyment of seeing foreign adventurism mocked and members of the Hollywood Left decapitated, left me a bit unsatisfied... though Kim Jong-Il's ballad was a classic.

IMO, 2003 had a much better selection. I almost placed Mystic River on my 2004 list too, but alas, my research told me it was an '03 release as well.

As far as my CD recommendations, I think I only acquired about 15 CDs that officially came out in 2004... so take my personal "Top 10" for what it's worth. :grin:

Add Kinsey to my list for

Add Kinsey to my list for 2004.

I don't understand the Kill Bill attraction. I guess I just don't have the gene to like cheesy movies.

Since Your Arsenal?! I tell

Since Your Arsenal?!

I tell you, Southpaw Grammar gets no respect. "The Operation" and "Boyracer", I say this with deepest sincerity, two of the strongest tracks in the post-Smiths canon. Ahem, this man's opinion, anyway.